My what a Joyous Christmas Wish From altha aka Radio

21 Dec

Now altha, we didn’t expect any form of Chrismas Joy from you.

And the sign of the North Carolina State Line, doesn’t bother me at all, is this an indirect threat, come to North Carolina and any form of threats or harrasment you might plan for your arrival in my direction, remember your on North Carolina soil, and you would be arrested for any form of threat or harrasment and stalking. We wouldn’t have to worry about the long arm of the law. And since you and your cronies have already posted other North Carolina citizens, names, address’s, phone numbers, social security numbers and encouraged your followers to call and harrass these people. I think the authorities would welcome your visit. We are waiting for you. The shit you pull while setting in your living room, won’t be taken lightly here. And be sure that you have the executioner aka mcwitnit with you, I’m sure North Carolina has room to house both of you. You need to get this down pat, I’m not afraid of you, I’m not intimidated by you, and there is nothing you can bring forth thats going to change that. You’ve done your worst, you have nothing and thats because your filled with lies, and your worth nothing. I’m here.. where are you?

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