Mc Nit Wit at it again

21 Dec

Maybe you should put down your bottle of booze and re read what I said. Apparently, either your dyslexic or you just can’t read with the words flowing together in your drunken state. Second, I’m rather fed up with the methods and lies you people attempt to spread, and someone needs to call you down for it. And idiot as you, I never said anything about any photos in his book. That is an example of your very poor reading skills.

Next, you need to put a check on your what has occurred segments, since your either deliberately lying about what has occurred in a court room in Minn, or source is just blowing shit up your skirt. And by the way, doesn’t bother me a bit with levi’s little tale of what happened in Minn. Lets see what might be on that computer, oh maybe the all of the recorded phone calls from Levi to TH. All of the radio shows tapes that seemed to have disappeared from the web. All of the taped phone calls from everyone. Gosh, what happens if there is only evidence of other people’s wrong doings. You know sometimes, when you ask for something you might well make sure what you have nothing to hide, because you just might get what your asking for and its not going to end up being what you wanted at all. And do you remember the domino effect Murt talked about. You never know what might start those domino’s from falling over. Who’s direction could they fall in?
Levi’s, oh yea. People need to remember, that all of the articles that TH Posted that people wanted off the internet, those articles are all based on recordings of conversations and information he received. When it all comes down, this time Law enforcement has it all. And maybe just maybe, one of them will be wise enough and think. Oh my gosh, what have we found. Maybe one of them will say, Hey lets take this to the FBI, and the other one says, Hey the FBI already has it.
So, as you rally around and enjoy your brew and celebrate, The who in Who-Ville
just remember, your names are in there too.

So mcnitwit, lets go back to your little comment about why I would get razed.. Because I know how intently the information on Haleigh was hidden, and I know by whom it was hidden, and I think its a damn shame that no one took the time to go to Law Enforcement to begin with to have this checked out, and the fact that Haleigh’s disappearance covered this whole affair. And you people have the gall to set back and smirk and make cracks about this. I know who all knew the truth and how long they have had the truth, and someday I guarantee there are a couple of people that will have to answer these questions. So you want to continue down this path, as you do your going to put yourself in a position of people wanting to know, what dog do you have in this fight, since you aren’t suppose to know anything about me, yet you call me by my first Name.. So, we are acquainted aren’t we? Would you like to tell the class who you are? Murt seems to think your someone else, but you gave yourself away, again. I can hear it now, “Well some people call me executioner too”, and how many other twitter raid accounts?
Absolutely, nothing but Trash!!

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