The mcnutt is raging again.

20 Dec

Well, lets do some clarification. Its all in your imagination and you are beginning to sound just like the executioner, are you sisters? or are you one person with two heads? Either one, seems like your post are very much like hers.
I’ve say you one person with two different user names, which means there is one sick puppy behind both of your postings.

Needless to say,
1. I have never sent one penny to Tim Holmseth, never.
2. I didn’t buy my copy of the book either idiot, it was a gift.
3. I never paid one penny for any of those books to be published.

Therefore, out of your mouth as expected, as usual its all lies.

Now as for his fixation on a child’s private parts. You realize when I post the truth about this your going to look like the damn fool that you really are, and it also pin points information that was never released and well aware of by certain people in Putnam.
A. Bio Mom Grandmother
B. Bio Dad Mother
c. Amber Brooks
d. The hired, and I didn’t stutter, the hired Molested Child’s Advocate Wayanne Kruker.
e. School Officials that were in contact with the bio dad, wanting a meeting.

So, tell me who else didn’t know.

Now, here’s the story, are you ready to eat crow Hag 2?

Holmseth received a phone call from an UN-named source, and this source told him they had taken photos of HaLeigh, that would prove that she had been molested.
I’ve heard the tape. Holmseth did not ask for the photos, he does not have the photos, he did not have an obsession with the photos.. But, it goes to prove, that somebody in the case of missing HaLeigh Cummings, Took the photos, has the photos in their possession. So, bitch – eat shit, you didn’t know what you were talking about, and you have no facts, and as unusual you lie like a dog in heat!!

And by the way idiot, it would have been a federal crime to send those photos over the email, and over the mail.. Thats why TH never had the photos, never requested the photos, was never sent the photos, so you need to check your homework and your source, cause they lied to you bitch!!

This time you really screwed up.. Because, I didn’t list all the people who knew about HaLeigh and those photos prior to TH ever being informed.. Wanna go there?

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