Most Mothers Know!!

19 Dec

@TheXXXXXX falls into the @McGreggorsBack @THolmseth abyss
December 18, 2012 | by Executioner | Blog

Looks like the crazy XXXXXX has just fallen into new depths of cray cray!!! She is now kissing the ass of Haleigh Cummings conspiracy nut and Timmy Holmseth sidekick Mary Lee! LMAO!!!!

The last of the nightly, I have nothing better to do chores of the SEA HAG.. You should remember who the SEA HAG is, if not its the executioner from RADIONEWZ. A typical disturbed child who has physically grown into an adult, but mentally remains about 14 years of age. Thats about the generalized age of hate and violence in girls. Oddly enough, Mother’s Know.. They know and see the path their girls follow, and they also know the disturbances showing up in the girls. Their aggression, violence, envy, Jealous. Mothers know, but many just allow the girls to continue on unchecked and unbalanced. Hoping either they might grow out of it, or well if I get her married off its not my problem anymore.

I remember all the way back to my teenage years and remember a girl named Jackie. We were in the 6th grade, and I was friends with Jackie and another girl until a flash of anger broke out between the two girls, and I was told to make a choice, one friend or the other. This is exactly the same image that The SEA HAG is presenting. Punish another poster for being kind, and just responding to a question. Just beat up on that poster good. As if THE SEA HAG, controls all of twitter and who is allowed to communicate with me and who isn’t. Delusions of Grandeur.

Now SEA WITCH, must I remind you, the only abyss in existence, is the one created by you and the crew that must have something to hide. Would you like to come out into the real world and tell people what your hiding? What information do you have on a missing child, that gives you the knowledge and ability to deem her Dead, You and your other sidekicks. You really are just lobbying for time, there will come a day, that HaLeigh is found, and HaLeigh will tell everything she knows. That day, you will be eating crow for sure won’t you. Haleigh turned 8 last summer, that means in 10 years when she’s 18 she might be visiting Florida for sure. And by the time she’s 10 to 14 she will be on the internet, and if by chance she types in her name and there is the nasty crap you and your cronies have put out and placing her as a dead child. Your gonna look like a big piece of shit. Of course you do in general, its just going to be an enlarged amount of shit you will appear as. You are Trash.. Yep, nothing but Trash..

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