The Sea Hag has reappeared

18 Dec

Since the executioner from radionewz has reappeared with her words of wisdom and her normal attempt to twist the truth.. We feel we need to put a face with the executioner and rename her The Sea Hag.
sea hag

Now, the sea hag has now announced that I am promoting the crime that occurred in Ohio. As you will note, I have not been part of the blasting and demeaning commentaries that have gone on over at radionewz, not on this blog nor on twitter.

My position: The crime that occurred in Ohio, should be left totally to the authorities to handle, and since this involved Juveniles, it should never have hit the media and the Children’s names should not have been blasted all over the internet, and that anyone doing so, is acting as a very irresponsible adult. Now, my comment about the ACLU involvement, is that the posters involved in the law suit, should not be protected by the ACLU. These were suppose to be responsible adults and much like the Executioner and her crone Radio, we have to deem them very irresponsible, and not acting in the capacity of adults. Has no one ever told you, that Children are suppose to be protected? So, don’t throw off your own incapacity to care about others at me, your the hag that has been blasting all of these young people and their families. When did it become your place in life to try to destroy others lives? Just because you think you have the right to post commentaries does not give you the right to try to destroy others. Anyone ever remind you that two wrongs do not make a right? The law will handle the case against those who violated this young girl, your not the judge or jury and how dare any of you convict people before they have tried by a jury of their peers. So, don’t twist my words silly serpent, it doesn’t work. And those who know what I write know the difference. Maybe its time to get back to the box wine. You do know that wine is probably one of the reasons your hair looks the way it does, and the cigarettes well it does have a tendency to affect your hair too. Just wait in a few years you’ll look down on your arm and wonder where did that big bruise come from, and the reality it will keep coming back. Thats also part of your getting it on, with your wine and loosening up. Are your eyes still baggy? Don’t sleep much huh? Maybe there is some little bit of conscious lying in the very depth of your brain, that screams out in your sleep. Of course another glass of wine and it goes back to silence huh?

Now, since I am no longer a Law Enforcement Officer, I am not bound by any authority to give you any information. As a private citizen, I have the right to tell you to take a flying leap. Why don’t you disclose your identification? Where is your photo, and your background. You seem so diligent against others, well produce yours. Don’t you have any morals or pride. Of course not, who would expect that out of a Sea Hag? You seem to think you have the right to come online and verbally assault people and abuse them? Talk about narcissism. Does your mommy read your post? So Sea Hag is it, thats your new avatar and title. I’m giving it to you, wonder how long before others start participating. As I have told you before, I shall tell you again. You Can Kiss MY ASS!!

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