Remember the Christmas Story

18 Dec

As the night is growing older, and the post on radios, throwing Murt and I together as two ole folks walking down the road.  Since murt and I are apparently an adversary to radio and the sea hag executioner, what else is there to be expected, after all if they don’t post anything then they can’t sell anything on Amazon Kindle.  Lets be honest here its rather making money on either blatant lies or cases they have no business posting about, and causing harm to others.  Well, my mind wondered past a few memories, and one was the bully from The Christmas Story..  Ralphie’s description of the bully he faced in the Alley on the way to school and home, much like coming across Twitter and finding comments posted by the crone and the sea hag..

Ralphie as Adult:  Scut Farkus! What a rotten name! We were trapped. There he stood, between us and the alley. Scut Farkus staring out at us with his yellow eyes. He had yellow eyes! So, help me, God! Yellow eyes!”

“Flick: Are you kidding? Stick my tongue to that stupid pole? That’s dumb!
Schwartz: That’s ’cause you know it’ll stick!
Flick: You’re full of it!
Schwartz: Oh yeah?
Flick: Yeah!
Schwartz: Well I double-DOG-dare ya!
Ralphie as Adult: [narrating] NOW it was serious. A double-dog-dare. What else was there but a “triple dare you”? And then, the coup de grace of all dares, the sinister triple-dog-dare.
Schwartz: I TRIPLE-dog-dare ya!
Ralphie as Adult: [narrating] Schwartz created a slight breach of etiquette by skipping the triple dare and going right for the throat!”

Now, doesn’t this sound like the sea hag, nothing more than childish challenges. And daring with the usage.. of if you don’t,  you don’t have any morals.  Reverse Psychology, makes me wonder if during whatever education the sea hag has experienced, did she actually take a psychology class. Well, in all honesty, reverse psychology isn’t taught in any class setting, its actually a classic effort of manipulation learned probably on the streets.

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