This isn’t Smallville

16 Dec

I just saw a sign on Facebook, about the Twentieth of December, and the jest of the statement is, if your so worried about that date and the ending of the world, you can drop off your valuables at my house. And I’ve thought back, lets see people are heading for the woods, gonna live off the land, and then there are the zombies coming.

So, my thoughts on this, if your heading for the woods, you can leave your car with me I’ll open up a used car lot the week after. If the zombies are coming, I’ll need some heavy duty buggy zombie spray to keep them at bay, probably the same spray we use on Twitter trolls..

Oh and by the way, I have it on good authority, NASA and my GRANDDAUGHTER, that there is no meteor or planet heading this way, you would have seen it years ago, and this isn’t SMALLVILLE.

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