Oh the Great and wonderful Wizard of Oz has Spoken.

16 Dec

Well, the title is a bit off, or I should say a lot off, since there isn’t anything I could possible imagine great or wonderful or even a Wizard that could reflect on the executioner, or the hag hiding behind the avatar and username.

Now, I’m back to being narcissistic, now remember the post about people projecting at others what they themselves are. Well, is it realistic to deem the executioner and the hag person she is behind the avatar and username.. Oh yea.. and really a hag. So, the hag came to the decision that law enforcement wouldn’t give a ratz ass about anything that I might have to say or post or send to them. Again with the reverse psychology, it doesn’t work. And by the way hag, if any of the zombies show up at my house this weekend, I’m sending them to visit with you.

There is also another phrase to consider: “People don’t go after you, unless someone is after them”. Could this be true, and the project Law enforcement doesn’t care about the Executioner, mean that they have been knocking at her door?

There is little doubt in my mind, that the executioner knows she’s just running off at the mouth, and we also know that on Sunday nights the ugly broad just gets blitz.. So, how many glasses of that box wine have you put away today? We know it gives you the courage to come on line and run your mouth, hey girl.. your mouth its a little bit droopy on the left side, you better get that checked. Now has your face felt a little bit tingly on that side recently, maybe a tad of no feeling? hum, well lets hope it just doesn’t fall completely down to your chin or to that area of your neck that, I really didn’t want to have to tell you this, I know how sensitive you are about your appearance, but its your neck that really does seem to have a roll of puffy to it, maybe that is part of your face falling down that enhanced that.. Wheee, glad I finally got that said, I (tsh) wanted to tell you but you know how sensitive you are and the age thingy, wow like its gonna stop heading your way. By the way did you ever get that hair fixed.. I’m really afraid its gonna start breaking off close to the scalp and you’ll need a wig, but I’m not sure they make wigs to look like your hair, so maybe hubby can take a blow torch to it and get that wig just whipped into shape.

Since you are so familiar with the legal system and what they want and what they don’t want, and what they might believe. The class is waiting for you to share!! Do you work in the legal system?
My My, you just project yourself like you know what your talking about, and golly I must be narcissistic to believe that Law enforcement would want to believe anything I might say.. Well, since you’ve been such a harassing, nasty creature, why wouldn’t they want to question you, or is it you think that your just not important, and they would never have any interest in what nasty vile things come crawling out of your mouth.

Or is it, that this just boils down to my being narcissistic thinking LE would care, or your narcissism thinking your above the law and will always be protected? That of course on your part would show a great deal of corruption.

I have faith, that the day will come. And that day will be the executioners biggest OH SHIT MOMENT, Oh Shit she really did it, and they’ve come for me.

By the way, Santa isn’t happy with you this year, and the diamonds you want he said you have to have coal instead, and you can spend your time and energy pressing the coal and making your own diamonds.

So, there you have it.. I’m a Narcissistic Bitch and your a Narcissistic psychotic HAG, with sociopath tendency’s and delusions of grandeur.

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