Deleting information

16 Dec

I wanted to stop in this morning and give everyone just a little tad of sad newz.
The issue of people being able to delete information from your computer hard drive. Well, if you think when you hit the delete button that your safe and sound. NOOOOOO! that is not a fact, not even. That isn’t how it works folks. You see the computer throws all of these little I’m deleting info, high up on the hard drive and it sets there waiting for the owner operator of the computer to fill in enough information to cover up whats up there to be covered. Those are your delete files. Now, don’t be confused by someone who post a photo of 010000001000, thats the filing system of the computer, everything you type in is recorded on the computer as 01. Thats reality. So, can anyone hide anything on their computer from Law Enforcement. Yea Right, NO you can’t. It can always come back to haunt you and bite you in the Butt. As far as IP address’s, takes you right to the source, using proxy or not. Right to the Internet Provider for your internet access, and even if you think all of your data on your website is protected. Golly Gee you need to remember you up loaded information from your computer into the website, so guess where the initial information is going to be.. So, stop tearing your fingers apart and wearing your little guru’s out. And I know what your guru’s are going to try to do. But in the end your going to have to produce the original hard drives, and if by chance they were tampered with and I know what tampering means and the programs you might try to us. You never know whats still there… You must remember, hard drives contain all dates and times. After all it was the US Government that hired IBM to build the super computer, which of course took us from Megabytes to Gigabytes and now Terabytes. So Keep on dreaming. By the way the image below is an example of tracing IP routes, and also these are Proxy IP and routes, which includes radionewz.

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