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14 Dec

Why would people like those who participate in blogs like Prinnies, Radionewzblog, the bloggers who love the ability to hide behind the facade of Anonymous with fake names and fake images. This is not a comment reflecting to the current group who call themselves as a Group Anonymous. One uses their facade to harm others, while the other, the Anonymous group uses theirs actions to protect and help others- the two are opposite ends of the spectrum. Hopefully all can see the difference. Now, one thing I noticed this past week, where those in the hate and attack groupings, prinnie, radionewz that McKee woman, all that associate in one faction, made the attempt to encourage the Group Anonymous into going after other posters. I set back waiting and wondering if there was going to be a backlash in this situation, after all these people are doing exactly what goes against the principles the Anonymous group stands for. Yet they are trying to manipulate this group to use them in their methods of attack. This I don’t understand. It would seem that when the realization came about that the manipulation, that the actual return would be the manipulators having to face the same punishment they were provoking against others. The Anonymous Groups realization of this manipulation should bring anger and contempt since it their purpose in life is to protect people, to bring the truth out that others hide. To stop abuse against others and also the realization that if allowed to become part of their group, the bloggers who do manipulate would obtain far more power and control over those they attempt to harm. This cannot be allowed or justified. The Anonymous group realizes the injustice we currently have in our Government, the corruption, power and control used against the American Citizens. They seek justice through out the world, and I cannot see nor understand how they could be manipulated by a group of thugs on the internet who conceive they have the ability to use this Force against others they just don’t like. That is injustice and I do feel that the resolve will be a reckoning.

If the truth were known about each one of these thugs, trolls whatever the true classic name given to them, these posters have many things to hide. And that is the reality, forcing those who know the truth about them to be bullied, harassed and kept quiet. A comment came past by a twitter person who said, I am not that familiar with the HaLeigh case, and hesitate to ever enter into conversation because I know that I will be attacked by the radionewz trolls. That is a true statement, they have controlled the information on that case for several years, and people are attacked and harassed, brutalized on the internet to shut them up. My point, its time the truth came out, if all knew the truth there would be no issues with Radionewzblog, it would disappear forever, and the trolls attached.

I say again, and it is at my digression on what I say, when I say it, and to whom.
I do not walk to the beat they set, I am not going to be intimidated or controlled by any of them. Do your best, I have weathered many storms in my life, and I give you my word. I will weather the storms you bring at me, I will survive and I will continue telling the truth. And all of the trolls need to remember you live in glass houses, and the things you do not want to be put on the internet, for fear of the destructive effect it will have. The day will come. Your glass houses will collapse. I’ve been blasted for years over a returned check I had some 20 odd years ago. Well, I know of others who have walked that same path with far more intensity than my little fragment of an over-site, yet I have never used my knowledge to brutalize anyone with information I have obtained. And I could have, had I allowed myself to be cruel and heartless like the trolls, I could have. The world is full of information, just setting there waiting to be found. And the reality, that the next person who obtains information may not have the same scruples.

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