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13 Dec

Who ever claimed that blogs had to be built on other peoples hardships, or hardships thrown at other people. No such rule, the reason you read a blog is generally a learning experiences, and not a place to gather to harm others.

We were discussing the HaLeigh case. So, lets go over the issues that occurred after HaLeigh went missing. First the families gathered at the trailer park, and set up tents and stuffed animals and other items were brought in by the locals wanting to stay informed on the case and talk to the family members, of course each family set had its own donations can or cans. Somewhere in the midst of the beginning the bio mom was loaned a mobile home to live in, not sure where it was located nor how long they resided in that home. Could have been right there in the park. I really don’t know.

Now, each dramatic issue hit the media like a slam, and Nancy Grace was right on top, the show opened in drama and ended in drama. It became obvious that Nancy Grace was not a fan of the Bio Mom, she did seem to take a fancy to Ron, the bio dad, and stayed cordial to the grandparents in general, both sides. We must admit that the bio mom, would answer questions with commentaries that made you look up and say, what.. what did she just say? Hours of videos were shown over the first month, and it did bother me, that the bio mom would pretend to cry. If I saw that girl dig at her eyes with her knuckle once it was a dozen times. But no tears. The Grandmothers would display tears as if their hearts were broken, ron had a display on the first day, and down on his knees and the water flowed. All seemed to be working out, and the families were gathers their own support system, not only in the community but also on the internet. But, little things began to slip out. People were hiding information.
1. The big fight between the two families, over donations and a source said that bio Grandma caught bio mom and bio dad in a family tent. Talking of course.. She wasn’t happy about that.
2. The fight between the bio dad and the ex boyfriend of the bio mom, who claimed he was the father of both HaLeigh and her little brother.
3. The disappearance and reasons for good buddy and friend Orlando to go poof, was it over money, or were there other reasons for him to suddenly dislike the bio dad so much he never wanted anything to do with him again. I can’t see the money factor, after all Orlando appeared to be a body guard for the bio dad.
4. Misty having her weekend away from Ronald. People couldn’t get over the fact that she and ron had broken up the Thursday prior, he had thrown her out of the house. So, what does it matter what she was doing, 17 years old, Hey people girls party.. might not approve how and the drugs and drinking but this is normal, she was not the children’s Mother, she was their babysitter. And when thrown out of the house, she was Fired!! Thus people decided this must be the reason she was deemed the key. NO, thats not why PCSO deemed her the key. And speaking of keys, lets add this point, Misty gave ron back her key on Thursday February 5th, 2009.
5. The news crews were actually having problems with ron’s attitude, he wasn’t displaying the poor daddy attitude. He was relishing in his new found fame.

Oh but the bio dad family, were just backing misty and her story of the night HaLeigh went missing, she was the best girl friend he ever had. Although, they didn’t tell you that the day Misty was tossed out, that she had read a text message from ron’s mother telling him, that if he chose to take the bio mom back and they wanted to make a life together, she would support that decision completely. Now this is the same grandmother, who would stand up and praise misty, after she had given her blessing on throwing misty out and replacing her with the bio mom. Now, if this doesn’t tell you something in the woodwork is crawling around, and it is devious nothing would.

Now lets talk about the red truck, people seemed to get stuck on the aspect of a red truck. Well gee whiz, didn’t you know. Tommy had a red truck, Grandma Neves had a red truck, and Great-grandma Sykes had a red Jeep. Then there was the red Toyota truck that was reported in Knoxville, Tenn as a being driven by a man who was seen with a child described as HaLeigh in two locations, one on Feb 12, 2009 and the other on Feb 15, 2009. Just trucks all over the place, but one was seen the night HaLeigh was reported as disappearing, at the train tracks. About the same location that the dogs lost the scent for HaLeigh that morning. Odd huh. Especially after you look at the path the dog followed it appeared like someone was lost and trying to find their way out, or someone had Haleigh’s scent on something and made the excursion. This too was odd since, the dog had trouble catching the scent of HaLeigh in the house, and her linens had to be taken outside of the house for the dog to pick up Haleigh’s scent. So what of Haleigh’s could have had the most intense scent to be used to make that little excursion, her shoes, clothing she had worn. I think I would go for the shoes, since the odor would be more intense from her feet.

Now, the house we have gone over this a hundred times, and people are still lost on that back door. “Was the back door open or not”. Okay people, how many test did misty fail? Why do people fail these test? Simple answer, you can do this. Why, because she was not telling the truth. So, the story about the night HaLeigh went missing is not going to be the truth. Of course no one wants to hear any other version, thats the problem. So, was it parts that she wasn’t telling the truth on, or was it the whole darn thing?

Now people have blasted me, saying well she had to many theories, what they don’t want you to understand that as information began to filter out, the theories have to change with the the new information. You see theories follow a path, and the information that slips out creates the path.

Now, I’m going to end this session today by repeating the same aspects I have said time and time again, no one seems to grasp this.
There was no evidence in that house to support a violent crime having been committed, nor any evidence to support that this was a stranger abduction, and the only thing that lead to the concept of this being an abduction was misty claiming that she was with HaLeigh in that house. Yet misty failed poly’s, remember ron was at work, junior was too little to tell much of anything, and he was not questioned that night. Bio Dad’s mom was not questioned until Thursday of the week, seemed the detective had a prior commitment, she had a ceremony to go to in her honor to receive an award, therefore she threw investigative aspects of a missing child case aside. And I can say without a doubt in my mind, PCSO knew that Misty was not in that residence, nor were the children as of 2:30am on February 10,2009. They knew misty was lying. Thats why Misty is the key.

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