My 15 minutes of fame.

11 Dec

Unlike many others, I never seek the limelight. I’ve never had a need for 15 minutes of fame nor even 5.  I came into the HaLeigh case  thought curiosity only,  initiated by a feeling that something just wasn’t right.  The more I read, and learned the more convinced something wasn’t right.  Now, listed below are the key points that grabbed me, now see how they make you feel.

1. The behavior and attitude of the Father and Girl Friend.

2. The absolute lack of tears with the Child’s Mother.

3. No evidence to support a violent crime had been committed.

4. Police from Day 1, stated this was not a stranger abduction.

5. The bio mom Grandmother, hired a Sexually Abused Child’s Advocate to represent and support the family on a missing child’s case. 

6. The stories told by the bio dad’s family, they were covering for each other.

7. The bio Dad’s family issuing support behind the young girlfriend, although they supported the Dad’s throwing her out less than a week prior.

8. The bio Dad and girl friend separated for a 10 day period after the child went missing, separating themselves from the primary case.

9. Bio Dad’s best friend, jumped ship and would no longer associate with the dad.

10. Although, the bio dad family claimed the bio mom and family did not know where he lived, and the bio mom claimed she didn’t know where the bio dad lived. The morning after the child went missing, the bio mom grandmother sent the bio mom grandfather over to the house to see if there was really a report made of an abduction. 

So, these are the primary points, where I have based any theory I might have.  And as information trickled out, theories openly discussed to see where these new bits and pieces fit.  So, for a large amount of people who loved and cared for this child, and the major division between the two families.  No one wants to believe that the entire case is based on a Family Affair.  Even after people heard that there had been an abduction of the bio moms boyfriends daughter, and how she was hidden for a year until authorities finally found the child.  I saw a blueprint, others couldn’t comprehend or were directed to stop others from even considering there might be a connection.

When did this case stop being about HaLeigh,  it never was in reality, it was linked to the bio dad’s girlfriend, listing her as the key.  The first fight after the first vigil between the families. The issues over who was going to keep the can’s setup for donations.  The issues about who was setting up trust funds to support the families during the initial reported time of the missing child.  The first strike came from the Bio mom when she allowed and participated in an interview with Geraldo, and Geraldo apparently believed everything she said and went after the bio dad.  That was the first attack strike.   Now this brings a little tale with it.  After the incidence with Geraldo that was a media sensation, the bio dad went straight over to the Child Services Investigator who had within a few weeks completed his investigation of allegations of child abuse against the bio dad, and had closed the case without taking any further action. Like removing the kids from his custody!!  The bio dad wanted the investigator to contact Geraldo and clarify that the bio dad was a good dad to the children. Of course the investigator told the bio dad that his appearance at the house and request was not appropriate, and should go through the Dept.  The bio dad seemed oblivious to this statement,  and in the midst the investigators wife ask the bio dad a question. “Why were you driving so fast on Monday morning, where you almost hit the children getting on the bus, and then almost hit that truck on the highway?  The bio dad’s response, “oh my Daughter was missing”!!  She said, no that was before she went missing. The bio dads response was, oh yea.   Now when this topic has been brought up, the attack crew has always flown in to knock em down, oh that was Santos (witness at the bus stop) father, and you can’t believe anything Santos says, hes a druggie, a liar and on and on and on.  Needless to say, anything that Santos had stated to the authorities, he also underwent a poly, and he was also questioned not only by PCSO, but also FBI.  Now, who are we to judge if what he says was true or not?  I think the authorities had it well in hand.

So, back to the strike’s between the parents.  By the 8th of March 2009, the bio dad had decided to propose to the girl friend, with his family well in support. A photo of his proposal at a local eatery was taken and released to the media.  The wedding scheduled for 4 days away.  By this point, the bio mom family had acquired the Child’s Advocate for Sexually Abused children, and she was on board an in Satsuma.  By the 12th of the month, the bio mom family had already acquired a private investigator who was also a bounty hunter. And through his recommendations sometime between  the 9th and 12th of March had made arrangements with the attorney he had recommended.  Now oddly enough, the investigator and the Child Advocate seem to know each other, pretty well. And they had one common link in Orlando, you see this child advocate was associated with Rev. Grund and Art Harris.and the private investigator was associated with Rev. Grund and would become associated with Art Harris.  Oddly enough, the private investigator and the Attorney were associated quite well, in fact the attorney had represented his wife in a divorce some years prior, also prior to that the private investigator had sold a home to the attorney and her husband.  Now this child’s advocate had also been involved with the Casey Anthony case, and was on the black list compiled by the Anthony Grandparents to keep her out of Caylee Anthony memorial.  Now, how and why was this Advocate associated with both Rev. Grund and Art Harris.  Seems they all became associated in some variance with the OJ Simpson trial in California some years back, like in the 80’s.  Long time association, and suddenly again they are involved in the Anthony case and the Cummings case.  Oddly enough, the way the child advocate would talk she also had a deep association with the Attorney, which didn’t make sense, how did they know each other.. Still don’t know, but the private investigator at one point, made a statement to me,  and I’m still not sure which case he was referring to,  “Well we kept ______ (the attorney) on hold in case we needed her.”  Another thing that came out that really shocked me,  the private investigator was talking on the phone and he said: ” Well you see, I got this call one morning about this little missing kid up there and I went up there and then the cops ran me off and I came back down and then thats when I went over there to the park and I met Rev. Grund.”  Boys and girls, he had put the cart before the horse.  And I  did not misunderstand a word he said. I grabbed it and knew what it was the minute it came out of his mouth.   Next  confusing statement came out of Wayanne, the child’s advocate.  She was in conversation, and the comment came up saying to her,  “I have always wondered why the bio mom was listed as a witness on the police report, and I wondered if maybe she was there”,  Oh Wayanne came back hot on that one,  “No she wasn’t there, I know she wasn’t cause I was on the phone talking to her and her mother that night”.. 

So, you take the bits and pieces I’ve given you and you think about it.


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