The Executioner reaches for the Stars..

09 Dec

Oh, wishful thinking for sure. Oh write an article about the Loo Hoo and bash mcgreggorsback all at the same time.  Where is your ability to keep one though straight. I see your point, if the Loo Hoo doesn’t like Radionewz, or you or that woman in south Florida. You can say her name I won’t!!  There has to be something wrong with them, and you referred to her as using drugs?  Do you remember the story I told you about people who have a habit of projecting their own lives and problems on others?  I could tell you stories I have heard. But, its not the time or the place.  No one is allowed to have a different opinion, is this something from your childhood? Were you bullied as a child? You certainly learned how to do this from somewhere.  Who taught you to project your own life onto others? Is it that bad?  Too much of the bubbly?  Now you would never have problems with those other things you throw at other people, now would you?  See you threw the pot issue at Loo Hoo, do you have secrets you want to share with the class today, Silly Serpent?  Do you have a fetish with shoes?  You have to realize that no one can expect everyone to like them.  Just like I don’t expect everyone to like what I write.  I do believe if they don’t like, move on. Read someone else’s blog.  I’m not here for the hits on my page, or if I can sell it on Amazon as downloads on Kindle.   If your so concerned with who I am, what I am, what information I obtain, how I manage it, whom I send it to, and why. Then I must be very important to you and in your life. You spend alot of time worrying about me.  And you always push to have me respond to you.  Now, I cannot speak for the Loo Hoo, other than to remind her, she doesn’t have to like Radionewz, nor you, nor that woman in south florida. She can do as she pleases going her own way.  And I respect her for her honesty and her opinions.  Now you on the other case, has never earned one drop of respect from anyone. What you display to others who you think like you, is a facade, comes and goes like the wind.  And of course you will come back with, no one respects or likes you Mary?  Well, the answer to that.  Executioner you silly serpent, I don’t really give a damn. Life is short as it is, and I look me in the mirror every morning, and my opinion of who and what I am at that point is the only opinion that I need.  And standing up to your bs, only makes me stronger and more determined!!  You have finally found one person in this world you cannot intimidate, and control. Not gonna happen.  So, crawl back in your bottle.

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