Oh Execution worried about my files.

09 Dec

Oh silly serpent, you should not concern yourself with what happens with my files, or who I send them to, or who might delete them. Think about it this way, before anyone deletes an email, they generally read it. If they delete then, thats fine. But you silly thing, you forget it plants a seed. But of course you wouldn’t understand how researchers are. They save information. And you don’t understand how Law Enforcement Officers are trained, to maintain notebooks of everything that occurs during their tour of duty. After all it might be just that little bit of info saved, that will be needed in a lawsuit, and the Officer has to testify. In fact lawsuits can not only last up to four years, but also not begin until just before the 4 year limit. Some Officers never throw their notes away. Don’t believe me, well I’m sure you have a Deputy Sheriff you might know and good buddies with, so why don’t you ask him.

Then you might be knowledgeable to have this discussion with me. I rather think its your vague attempt to use reverse psychology on me, and serpent it doesn’t work. And you just keep digging the hole deeper.

And you never know, I could get an email tomorrow from an attorney that says, hey I have this case going on and heard you might have some info on it, will you share.
You never know..

I realize you live in the world of instant gratification, everything has to happen right now. Thats not my world, I set, I wait, I watch, I gather, and then I decide what and when I will act. Very methodically. If and when I choose to do anything with what I have, and how I’m going to use it. You will be notified so that you know. I promise you, you will know.

Don’t worry about me executioner, worry about you.

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