Standing on the Back Deck.

08 Dec

One of my morning rituals is to stand on the back deck drinking coffee, watching morning light begin to open the day. As I stood there the thoughts of how there is going to be one really pissed off woman in XXXXX. Really pissed off. She’s going to end up receiving a couple of phone calls, that I certainly won’t be making but I have an idea who might. And she is going to be told what The executioner was posting on Radionewz. You do realize executioner that this little world of radionewz is that small, and too many of the people in this small world know each other quite well, know who each other are, and have phone numbers. Maybe you posted this during one of your typical Friday night sessions of building your brave, your tongue takes over and your brain goes to sleep. Maybe this woman from XXXXX is going to reach a point where she’s not afraid to open up and return to the internet, and if and when she does. Lord only knows what she knows to post. You know communication is a two way street. One person tells info about a case and the other only tells info on itself. Where its gone, where it goes, what it buys, the price it pays for certain items, where it goes on vacation, talks about its personal life. Talk about the case, what case it doesn’t care about a case, only let me tell you what I saw shoe shopping. Oh thats right, she’s one that loves to shop for shoes. I just remembered. “SHOES” thats a key word for the day. I have heard several people talk about “Lets go shoe shopping.” I think the term used for this half of the conversations was described as brags, brags alot. I can see the chain reaction now, I know who’s going to call who. And will do it without hesitation. You know I also know the who’s, that set back and read and never says a word. And their connections would absolutely shock you. Your little world on the internet may well be closing in on you rapidly. That reminds me, I still need to talk with JD. Oh by the way, I noticed that while this woman from XXXXX was being gleamed for information, she never gave you my phone number did she? :`< Too late, I changed it!

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