Oh My Goodness!!

08 Dec

Oh my oh my, the secret is out. We had a secret forum, and the executioner aka ….. wasn’t invited in. Such a major heartbreak. So, you say that a bunch of us old women were on a secret forum and we set around the cyber table drinking cyber coffee and cyber talking. Well, shoot how do you know we weren’t setting around my kitchen table drinking coffee and talking? How do you know that we weren’t out together, “Shoe Shopping”, or maybe Cell phone shopping? Now, lets see.. I haven’t visited with Noreen in good golly I guess its been over a year. And GrandmaMonkey and I posted together on Scared Monkeys and then we working together opened the Haleighbug Forum, a research forum mind you, that kept throwing the bashing trash like you off. And we also had, a website for the families that did not have a donations tag on it. So, any other place we may have gathered Frankly, executioner aka ….. we don’t give a good damn what you think you know. And as far as secrets, would you like to share with the class a few of your secrets? And you have secrets don’t you?
So just keep on talking, and maybe you will reveal far more about our secrets thereby telling all of your secrets. And to end this, let me tell you, no one gives a ratz ass if a bunch of ole ladies are setting around sharing for all you know we might have been playing bridge.
By the way, are any of those ladies your bashing with me on the Radionewz or Reddios Private Forum. You know Radios secret and Private Forum? Now, I wonder what could be posted on there? Do you post on there? Whats some of your usernames on that forum? Oh thats right, you keep your identity hidden, its a secret.

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