Things pop up when you least expect them

07 Dec

I was talking to an old friend not too long ago, and we were discussing blog issues, and what people accused others of doing, and the insults they threw at people.  One conclusion came up that stuck in my mind, and today I’m gonna share it with you.  Yesterday, I posted a twitter account of TheExecutioner, and in this twitter account it blasted people and accused them of Scam’s, making money off of the HaLeigh case.  The only money I was ever involved with in the HaLeigh case came out of my pocket and went to Putnam, not the other way around.  Now, if people want to talk about who made money on HaLeigh, thats a pretty intense conversation.  And were there ever taxes paid on these donations?  Thats a big question.  Where were the donations going?  As of the 27th of April 2009 any donation received by the bio mom family went to Baker County, anything sent to the bio mom family in any other location, that was a big no being sent on to the bio mom family.  I know that there were tons of letters received that the bio mom never saw, “it would have taken truck loads to get it to her” was a comment that was made.  Now, the question is will Crystal ever know who sent letters to her that she never had the option of opening or reading.  What was in those letters?  Were gifts sent for Junior or HaLeigh upon her return. We don’t know, but we know who does.  Now, we also know that both the bio dad’s mom and grandma received gifts and donations, how much I have no idea, did they pay taxes on it . I don’t know.  This question you would have to ask the IRS. Did Tim make money off of his HaLeigh book, only enough to cover the publishing cost that he fronted to publish the book.  You see he became his own publisher, and it was barely out before all hell broke loose on the internet, and over his son in Minn.  Oh thats going to be a story to tell in time.  I’m sure he will write a book on that,  I’ve encourage him to.  So, someday the world will know what occurred between January 1, 2011 and January 1, 2013.  A story any good publisher will be happy to buy the book and put it out for everyone to read.  

So, lets get back to Scams. I opened up twitter this morning and the first thing I saw was the word SCAM, and then I saw donations and my mind flew back to the conversation I had with my friend and I though, hmmm   Scams – Scams, rather equals doesn’t it.

  So, what could the Executioner possible know on the first of December when blasting about SCAMS involving Donations, that would show up a week later on Twitter?  

So, just remember what my friend said.. when ever they accuse people of something, always set back and wait you might find there is something going on in their own lives that they are projecting on others.

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