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07 Dec

As you read this little bit of story, I want you to think about the story you just read. Yes, this is also a Radio story. Oddly enough, you have to wonder whats going on in this person’s mind?

WS Devil Heifers, Rumor Thread, Social Groups, Locals

I posted for a short few months at Websleuths as a Crystalite …. these characters I will always remember. This is a brief , very brief, LOL, recant of how me and some posting friends viewed them back then.

Team Busylady

The blogger Busylady ran a posting assembly line supported by a house full of notebooks. If it happened – Busylady knew about it – if it wiggled Busylady knew it wiggled – if it was hinky Busylady had some bullshit answer on an automatic script I was sure. Everyone else was sure too! 😦 The woman was a maniac!

You may think Busylady is just one person – but I know better!! Damn right! She probably has her kids posting!

Busylady affected most of us like the itch in a place you can’t reach back and scratch in public. Yeah, she didn’t stay in our heads so much – she stayed in our asses! Damn kook!

Busylady posted and posted her facts – but few of the Ronettes could remember them and apparently didn’t know how to save them either – because as soon as some of them got in a tight squeeze – they yelled for Busylady to save the day with some more of her facts … sickening little putrid things called facts. 😦

OMG all the moralizing this woman did! The ding dong had no business sticking up for a guy who banged on young girls. Several of us figured out and knew it to be FACT – Busylady was morally and ethically bankrupt. No telling what kind of a miserable unbearable bitch she was in real life. 😦

Every time a good posting roll was going on – up dove Busylady for air and to post a damn link to something we deemed as ridiculous and uncalled for – then woosh – the posting roll was over and we all headed off on a new tangent. It was sickening!! Down right sickening. 🙂

Another thing about Busylady we knew to be true fact – she wore a shock collar and it shocked her every time one of us posted. It was amazing, but mostly infuriating when she showed up within minutes, sometimes it seemed – seconds! 😡

Sample nightly email, IM exchanges: “She says she lives in Kansas” … “I doubt it, I’ve been to Kansas and no one is that stupid out there”… “What do you think she does in her social group” … “Probably has them practicing rote memory skills”… “OMG look at that post she just laid” … “She has sleuthed missing children for a long time” … “I don’t believe that for a second” … “I know that is not true”… “she says she has a husband and kids but I don’t believe it” ….

SS the Devil

Yep we thought Seriously Searching had to be the devil… and far from the devil with the blue dress on!! 😦

A straight out of hell she-devil we were sure and there was proof all over the place to prove us right too! You bet. All anyone had to do was look at her pesky posts!! Proof right there. 😉 We had no doubts.

(I still have no doubts, LOL)

I’m glad I never was into doing screen shots of every little thing – because if I had to ever look at this woman’s posts again… I would just pass out, fall on the floor a few more times than when I originally saw them – and would probably hurt myself or have a seizure… something like that. LOL! 🙂

Her subtle effect was:

We saw SS as the classic “post to win poster”.

Sample email, IM exchanges: … exclaiming “did you see that shit she posted this morning” … “can you honestly believe she gets a way with that nonsense” … “I’m gonna barf” … “guess who is posting lies again – woo hoo” …. “Jesus Christ does that bitch have no sense at all – look at that shit she just posted”… “ignore her – she knows she is lying and so does everyone else, fgs” … “look at that BS she just posted about Chloe belonging to RC” …. “yes, I know it is probably HER phoning in all the damn fake sighting reports to LE”…. “omg now she is posting about all her personal bullshit, gag” … “who the fuck cares about her step kids – that kind of shit doesn’t belong here”

Night Blogging with Athrella

Who in the Hell can come up with a nic like Athrella? 🙄

Besides that – did she ever sleep. She was blogging all night – all day. She never shut up and she could get on your nerves faster than fingernails on a chalkboard! 😦

Athrella wasn’t exactly the devil – but most nights we thought she was giving SS a run for her title. OMG did she ever shut up with her shit about how innocent RC was? NO!

I would almost heave every time that haughty bitch went into her high morality posting blitz. She had a very clever way with her words – but we knew she was calling us bitches, skanks, morons, depraved, degenerates…. oh we knew alright. She didn’t fool us – just the Mods! 😦 They never deleted a damn post of hers and everyone of them should have been tossed and she should have been banned for such trickery and sleaziness! Disgusting POS! Dog! LOL!


Athrella loved her some Italics – we were simply thankful colors weren’t allowed or she would have gleefully blinded us with them I’m sure!

Sample nightly email, IM exchanges: “Will she ever shut up?” … “Who does she think she is a preacher?” … “Why is she so far up TN’s ass anyway, what’s with her?” … “do you read that sanctimonious moralist bullshit she posts?” … “Yeah I do, she has some nerve” … ”OMG look at post #— I am going to hurl all over my computer” … “try not to hurl – it will be worse tomorrow” … “where does she get all those pics of Haleigh?” … “well it isn’t from the internet”

Flossie, Ugh!

Flossie nearly drove us crazy! She was the one liner put down Queen. 😦

We all knew Flossie had to be a truck driver that fantasized of eating Crystalites for breakfast. We knew it… and we knew more. We knew she was either a Cummings or was fucking a Cummings. That was more than crystal clear! Yep – that little witch lived in Florida all right! Of course in time we learned none of that was true – but during those days shit like that was believed…. will get to all that kind of nonsense later…

For the longest time I believed Flossie could only type or configure one measly sentence and usually with little more than 5 words at that. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH HER ANYWAY!

Flossie kept me on ignore. Fuck her. What a classless bitch anyway, but I kept posting to her and hoping someone quoted me so she would HAVE to see it!! Sometimes that worked – but it still did no good, got no results. The skank still ignored me!

Sample nightly emails, IM exchanges: ”can’t she say more than “they are innocent” fgs” … “she has to have a 3rd grade education”… “oh boy there was another sentence posted by Flossie” … “that is the most hateful bitch of them all and that’s saying a lot, btw” … “that damn Flossie” … “who said she called GGS a sweetie? Gonna leave and throw up”… “oh yeah she has to be a relative of TN’s, no doubt there” … “bet she is a hooker” … “bet she is to, I can tell”…

Calibrated Cajun

Cajun was always, well usually 🙄 , calm and collected. Steady as she goes Cajun…

Make no mistake she could be a royal pain in the ass at the drop of a hat any time she chose!! LOL!

Oh yes, Cajun often wiled away the night hours by making sure the opposing side was totally miffed, stirred up and pissed off.

Now, Cajun was one of this stellar group, written about here, that knew how to save stuff as they all did – she had the links, the dates, the who, the who not.

Now, I liked Cajun. We had some common interests and we enjoyed talking about them in the early days of the case. HOWEVER, I got a PM one night with one of my friends telling me I had been ratted out for PMing with a Ronette!! 😯 I was shocked and asked who was spying on me… the response was – “they are spying on everyone”! 😯 The “word” was to knock off PMing with Ronettes, LMAO!! I did and as far as I know everyone else did also. Wasn’t that some crazy shit?! 😦

Posting Wars and the Rumor Thread

Social Groups

The Locals Allowed In

Stormy, a Satsuma local, was hooked up with another so called local – Diana White and passing along info from her – which resulted in poor Stormy getting called a liar every time she posted or turned around.. oh it was bad there for a while peeps, let me tell ya. She has said “I know this nutty local wished she never went into a forum period…LOL”!

Player said he lived in Satsuma and we knew he did – but figured he moved there from Mars. Player got his personal shit posted almost everywhere… The lovely LFlorida got a time out and accused of outing some of poor Players info. She was falsely accused I’m sure. LMAO! His stuff was posted in every forum and even allegations of terrible things… he was a big Misty fan and that got him in all kinds of trouble let me tell you. Player vouched for RC at every turn… seemed like RC’s best buddy ever… then Stormy posted she heard RC didn’t even like him and she was called a liar AGAIN!! Mainly cause some of the Ronettes loved them some Player and they didn’t want nobody saying one unkind word about him! I suspect Mr. Player is another local who wished he had never gotten mixed up in a forum. Especially since things apparently didn’t work out between him and SS. Oh honey! 🙄

AnnaFL.. lol, omg – more coming on this character and others…..

More locals to come….

Crystalites – A Hoard of 2 Faced Bitches

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