The Biggest Fear – Truth

07 Dec

Exactly what benefit does executioner seek to shut people up. Since the executioner continues to come up with information that wasn’t released, not by me and you see. Tim wasn’t involved in this what so ever. The information that I was included on, about FDLE watching Johnny Sheffield in Kentucky in 2009, that conversation involved only 3 people. Where did you get your little release? I doubt it was Teresa Neves, and it certainly wasn’t me, leaves one person. And that wasn’t my theory, two of us were being told this by Neves as something she was told by The FDLE AGENT. So, are you referring to that? Again, I know where you got it, and you twisted it to your own advantage. Again, Tim was not in this equation.

Now, the next Kentucky search, was well in hand before I even found out what was going on. The people involved in that search I didn’t even know, and found out well after it had started, and where they were searching. That wasn’t started by Tim, and he was contacted well before I was ever told anything. So, if you have a beef on the either Kentucky searchers, first you go take it up with FDLE, and the Second you take up with Roger Curry and his detectives.

I should never be shocked at what comes off of your keyboard, full of vile and ruthlessness. Amazing how FDLE search for Haleigh turns into something that Tim and I did. Amazing a year long search for Haleigh in Kentucky started by a man who’s only intent is to help find Haleigh.

I think maybe the question one should ask you, what the hell have you ever done but to scream the child is dead? And why, what was your participation in the Haleigh case? Same poster different username? Or how many different user names?
You seem to have so many opinions but you as the username executioner was not involved. Your also well aware aren’t you, the reason I pulled away from the bio dad family. And I do suspect where you got your information, you always slip up and run your mouth.

Well apparently, my secret forum wasn’t much of a secret if you were able to get in and read now was it? And any discussion of Marie’s farm had something to do with a conversation with Teresa Neves, telling about Juniors statement. How, Haleigh was on the farm, and when people came to visit, Haleigh had to be put in the house under the ground, and ate bologna sandwiches, and that the house was cement and had a cement top, that had grass on top of that so no one could see the house. That statement was made on Fathers Day 2009. And any posting conversation I had on this secret forum your so well aware of, I wasn’t posting alone was I? Well, apparently you were there huh?

And by the way, I’m not the one who’s been talking about being inside of Tim’s house, so don’t refer to me as his girl friend, that one is reserved only for you.
You seem to have a very avid interest in Tim. And since Tim is old enough to be my son, there goes that theory you have, right out the window. The only person who tries to put Tim and I together in any situation is you, so you have an agenda and its clear as a bell, you really must be jealous and I keep telling you, sugar he’s all yours. Your little green dragon is showing.

As far as my imagination is concerned, the same exact information is setting at PCSO, FDLE and the FBI. So, there you go. And if I remember correctly, several people were questioned by the FBI on the sighting in South Carolina, you want to discuss that? And as far as the sighting in Ga at the grocery store, if you have any concerns over my imagination, take it up with Jason from FDLE. Of course he might ask you what your interest in this is.

If I remember correctly after the documents were released on the SC sighting, which were never suppose to be released. Lets see, an original copy went to the PCSO, FDLE, FBI and the bio dad’s attorney in Orlando, when he decided to drop the family he gave them to Tim Miller, who turned around and gave them to Becca, who turned around and sent them to Tim Holmseth. Who published them. I was unaware that was published until some woman began having a fit, and throwing accusations out on the web, that she was being accused of being in SC with Haleigh.
Funny thing about that. Not one word was in those documents referring to this woman. Not one word. Not one person had ever pointed a finger at this woman and said “it was you”, confused me for along time where she was getting this from. The only person ever posting or commenting about that was the woman herself, strange huh? She was putting herself in this situation. And I still have copies of the original document. I know every word in that document. So, where do you get your information?

Oh by the way, it was also that long distant viewer that saw Haleigh in the house under the ground up in Baker County, she was in contact with Dominic, he checked it out for her. In fact, I think he was on vacation up in Boston when she called him on his cell phone and talked to him about it.

Say what you wish, you cannot change anything. It is as it is!! And I will never shut up. If you don’t like what I write. Stop reading it, I won’t miss your analysis, and no one else will either.

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