Murt’s Post on Amanda Brings issues out.

07 Dec

People who like to bully others, primarily on twitter and their blog followers, seem to gain a feeling of power and control from these followers. The followers stand behind them and egg them on. Oh yea, that person is bad. You showed them, go get them, tear them apart. We’re standing here behind you. You go girl.

Now let me share a little story with you, written by none other that Radio. As you read this, I want you to stop and think, where is the person who wrote this?
Is it the same person who posted innocent peoples names, phone numbers address’s all in a fury to find me? For those who follow faithfully behind this person / creature that has been posting on radio. Where did you leave your soul? And there will come a day, when you have your awakening, and it will be too late to redeem.


Stormy and I became Outlaws… in other words – we were both deemed to be a POS! 😦 LOL!

I’m surprised we weren’t mailed free mirrors so we could take a look and see how stupid we were! 😯

That’s what we got and what was deemed we deserved for being so simple minded and backwards as to say – nope, we don’t have to think what you think, say what you say, post what you post, like who you like or dislike who you dislike … no we don’t!! Oh my – were we in for a surprise or two. Holy shit!! 😐

We found out real fast that “bucking the crowd” didn’t pay to well… not well at all. Did we care? Oh somewhat at first. I guess we were mainly surprised about the instant vitriol that was spewed, stuff like that. At first I got most of it… but Stormy’s day would come, LMAO!!

In the mean time and to make things worse – we became friends with Flossie and got bashed for that… and guess what? Flossie got bashed by some of her old friends. LOL!! Imagine all of that?!!

Stormy and I each had our own separate awakenings. Mine came one way, while hers came another. Flossie declared her independence in her own way as well.

I had mine first and we argued nightly and intensely… but we always signed off with “see you tomorrow” and we always did. We were friends and knew friends could see the same thing in different ways. Stormy is the only friend I had who could rise to that level and I appreciate her more than anyone will ever know. We had some rough times, but we weathered them. Flossie also knows friends can see the same thing different ways and she is a wonderful friend to have.

My awakening came quite by accident in real life. A gentleman from Baker County was in Atlanta to receive some training on equipment from us. I asked him if he was following the Haleigh Cummings case as her mother and grandmother lived in Baker County. He said “some what” and then proceeded to tell me what he thought of Haliegh’s Baker County family. I was shocked, well, a little shocked, ok? I knew.. I think we all knew – but the whole thing had turned into a board game between 2 sides … but I honestly was more than shocked, I was angry. I knew I was being duped, but to have to hear it face to face was a bit overwhelming. I never said I was posting in a forum or anything like that about the case. I still said nothing to anyone except Storm – but my attitude on my twitter certainly changed and it was noticeable. I tried as best I could to move towards a more neutral position. That, however, would take time and have a price to pay. I paid it and kept going. I knew of all the whispers and slurs behind my back. Sure I did. So what? LOL!!

Stormy’s awakening came after realizing all the stuff she was being told all sounded the same. Even though it would change names and content – it always had a common undertone. Naturally it would as it was all coming from the same place. Diana White carried it all from the “horses mouth” for distribution and day after day, week after week – it was basically the same thing and sounded the same. Stormy blew a gasket, said enough shit is enough and was done with it.

Flossie’s story is a short one – as usual! LOL! She just got tired of being bossed around!

Stormy, Flossie nor I still do not see eye to eye on everything, but we don’t care!

Issues and people that once had seemed so large became so small. We decided to leave the small issues and small people behind. We did and that’s where they remain. We ride on.

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