Lets Talk about the HaLeigh Case.

07 Dec

Most of the posters out in wonderland, still believe that the actual case begins the night HaLeigh disappeared. Well, it doesn’t it was progressive beginning months and years prior. Do any of you realize how many times the bio mom and dad split up and went back together. Do you realize how long HaLeigh and her brother actually lived with their Grandparents? Do you realize how many times the bio dad waltzed back in and took the children from their Grandparents? Do you know why the children were living and being raised by their Grandparents? To the point, the Grandparents were planning on adopting the two children? Do you also realize that the complaint filed with Child Protection in Putnam in April 2009 was identical to the complaint filed by the bio mom, bio grand-mom, and bio grandfather in December 2008. If you took time to answer all of these questions, you would begin to realize that HaLeigh’s disappearance was progressive. There are reasons why HaLeigh disappeared, and it’s not going to be one of those.. “Oh I woke up and went to the bathroom and saw the backdoor open, and then I saw Haleigh was missing.”

People want to convince the general public that this is all a conspiracy theory. In my opinion it was a conspiracy, but there is reality along with this conspiracy. I’ve made this comment before, and I shall say it again and again until it sinks into peoples heads.

An FBI Agent was ask,”Why do people want others to believe that HaLeigh is dead? Why do they become so aggressive and mean.” And the FBI Agent replied: “Because, they want people to stop looking for HaLeigh. People don’t look for a dead child.”

Now, lets cover a few issues.

At April 26, 2009 at 6:30pm in a small community in SC a cream colored vehicle was spotted at the gas tanks at a convenience store. The woman and her husband who became aware of the vehicle and its occupants are both professionals. Hubby in the Us-army, and Wife was a Prior Social Worker, worked with abused and missing children. Both very bright people, both very Christian and Honest People. In fact the wife’s father is a Minister.
In this car, these two people recognized the child and the man setting in the back seat of the vehicle. They recognized HaLeigh. The man became aware of the couple and he ducked the little girl down real fast, and he started staring back at the couple with a threatening look on his face. This was one reason they were so capable of recognizing his face. He spent too much time trying to intimidate the couple. 5 and 1/2 hours later. I didn’t stutter. 5 and 1/2 hours later. A major incidence would occur in Satsuma at the Haleighbug Center, that would close it forever. Now, the questions I have that are unanswered, if the incidence occurred around 12:00 midnight, between the 26th and the 27th of April 2009, why did it take some 50 minutes prior to calling the ambulance? And why do people claim they were present at the center when the ambulance and police arrive, yet they are not listed on the police report? Never mentioned in the police report?
Why are there no records of two individuals calling 911, only the one call from Sarah S. I have the reports, both police and ambulance. It only took some four or five months for those reports to be found, see they weren’t in the computer, they weren’t in a file they were suppose to be in. Where did they find those reports? Thats a very good question, but they were found around the end of October 2010 after being requested some four or five months earlier. Must have been a major surprise when someone accidentally found a police and ambulance report that just didn’t exist.

Oh the next story..

During the mondex issue in Satsuma, oh my goodness there was going to be a great search. I was on the phone with my research friend, whom I had gotten to know after she had been a witness of seeing HaLeigh in SC. She had parked her vehicle in front of grocery store while we talked, and suddenly she got very quiet. I ask her what was going on. She said, wait I’ll tell you in a minute, suddenly I hear the motor start, and the and the sounds of speed and traffic. The signal dropped.

I put the phone down and walked over to the computer, began reading Twitter post, within just a few moments, this post came in.. “Haleighnewz on twitter posted, This just in, HaLeigh found dead face-down in a pond, found by man on horseback.”

My mind was flashing back and forth, and how could this be, we knew she was alive, this was terrible. And the phone rang and it was Bunny, crying, her heart absolutely broken.
The weekend continued watching to see what was going to happen, finding out that the report on twitter was a hoax.. And it seems the dispatcher at the SO had something to do with this, reported it to the media, and the family members, and then I found out that HaLeighnewz had re posted what GER had posted. Where did GER get it from, I have no idea. So, it was a hoax and the little boy dispatcher was almost fired the next day.
Now Sunday afternoon came around, and I called my friend to ask what had happened to her on Friday, well she said. I was setting in the parking lot and as we were talking, I saw this little girl walk past the front of my vehicle with what I thought was her mom. They walked over to a white car, put the grocery’s in the vehicle and then walked back in front of my vehicle again to put the cart up. When the little girl turned around and looked me in the eye, she said my heart stopped. The woman with the little girl looked up at me also, and she grabbed the little girls hand and ran for the car, pushed the little girl in the car, got in started the car and raced across the parking lot, turned on a side road, raced past my vehicle on the side road, turned on the main highway and I went in pursuit of the vehicle, I was right behind it trying to get a license number and in heavy traffic, blew through 3 lights, and a car stopped in front me and I lost the white car before I could get the plate number. I ask her if she called PCSO, yes she did, just moments after the sighting and they put her on hold and then hung up. She tried calling again, no results, she reported it to her own Law enforcement, and contacted Sgt. Liles. PCSO and FDLE met with the witness, and fDLE spent some weeks up in the area of the sighting searching. Funny how reactions occurred between the sightings of HaLeigh and reactions in Putnam. You know it took a bit of time to put together just why, HaLeigh would have been spotted in that area more than once. I believe She was in transit, between a specific location in SC and Florida.

So, you want to throw up conspiracy theory’s again. Talk about the Abyss? Really, maybe the concept that Ron crawled out under the fence and wasn’t at work the night HaLeigh disappeared is also effected by the Abyss. Or the Concept he was drunk and went to work? I know where Ron was that full day and who he was with. And he was cutting trees that day. Now, the question is. Where was HaLeigh? And who involved in the case, went out and bought an expensive Printer, and what was the Printer used for? Making Copies Of What?

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