So you claim not to be who you are?

06 Dec

Lets start with the very first email you sent me last November 26, 2012. Image

just encase you and your cronies have trouble reading it..


Now, deny you sent this email, and I’ll post the headers… 


Now click on G symbol and guess what you get?


You also signed up using your name, address and email on Myspace


So. What do you have to say now?  We have you using your name, username aka radio, the same email address.   So are you going to tell people you were impersonating someone else when you signed up for these locations, using the username reddios and radio, giving this name, address and her / your email address? Very odd isn’t it, when the address you gave, comes back to a  the same person.  Now, if your peeps have any questions about this, let them do their research.  Now if you want to draw your friends into this, then let your friend or friends explain how they didn’t have a problem with you posting innocent peoples names, address’s, phone numbers, social security numbers,  photos of faces you copyrighted, that already held auto copyrights when the shudder on the camera clicked.  And too boot, you encouraged your posters to call these people and harass them.  So, you are reddios, radio are you also Holly Briley?  And just who is executioner?  Or you going to tell us you had multi posters on your website?  Yes, everything I just posted I will be sending to the Authorities along with every one of your post you use my name or face.  And remind your posters their names will be attached, also those who comment on your pages.

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