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05 Dec

Seems you had taken a photo from Facebook and placed in on your site a number of times, and then you took the same photo altered it and photocopied it on another image.  Now, I have thought very seriously about taking action on this to begin with, but this last action on your part is and could well be costly to you.  The person who originally took the photo, that you removed from my facebook,  who by holding the camera at the time the shudder took the photo is the only person who legally holds an automatic copyright of that photo, which you have altered.  Point being you are in violation.  You at no point requested permission to use that photo, which is deemed a violation, and you cannot copyright a photo that is aleady automatically copyrighted.  Remove any and all copies of photos of me that you do not have legal rights to.  This has been your warning!! And by legal rights to, photos you have purchased or taken yourself. 

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