04 Dec

Been a very busy day.  Been up since bright and early this morning, and working all day digging. Digging for what ever little tid bits come up.  I did notice something, you know in my milling around I found info that makes you set back and go hmmm.  Well lets see I found out that they have not yet located “Prinnie”,  but she did hire an attorney out of Independence.  Who showed up in her place in court.   Next, I found articles that had been written bashing Murt, written by Prinnie and her goons.  Then I stumbled on Radio’s little commentary about Busy lady and Murt.
 Well we know about Busy lady from WS,  in the emails from Pirate, describing the real issues, and the fact that the real comment that sent people off the wall had something to do with, the bio mom knowing where the bio dad lived.  but, why would radio want to bash BusyLady, what involvment did radio have if she was only on ws for such a short time,  just like Prinnie was only there a short time, and the reason she was banned had something to do with a murder case in Texas.   But both Prinnie and Radio just spew venom out against Murt.  Its one of these issues where you have to set back and say, hey .. you gotta get past things.  Or is there something that we don’t know about.. a personal dislike?  Or what does he know you don’t want him to tell others?   You know what else I found out, that and are on the same server in Hong kong.  And then theres this thing about Prinnie always selling things, like through zapple,  and radio has a little shop to that she sells things.  Boy you guys sure have alot in common.  No wonder your bestest friends and inseparable at the hip.. 

Now, I don’t want executioner to think I forgot about it.. I haven’t.. its just a matter of time, don’t worry, I’ll drag you out into the sunlight too,  and get you out of that damp dark dungeon you slither around in.  So, you guyz just have a great afternoon, and I’ll get back to what I do best, going back to digging.. 

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