03 Dec

No radio, I’m not like you. I don’t dwell in the desperate need for attention and abusing people. I have the ability to stand up to your sorry ass, and tell you exactly what I think without trying to destroy you or your family.  You do that well enough on your own.  Murt stays in self defense, and you’ve done a good job on racking him over the coals.  Maybe there is a lesson for you to learn.  The techniques of tact, and the patience of Job.  Neither one you would have any idea what the references are. I know when to set back and wait and allow you to become your own destructive force, and no I’m not an attention seeker,  had I been you would really have known. I am one of those people,  what you see is what you get. I’m not nor have I ever been one to seek the limelight.  I don’t need that to make me a good person, or even better person.  And unlike you, I don’t need a psychiatrist to heal me.  I don’t need you to understand me, I have enough family and friends and acquaintances in my life to fill it to the brim.  Why do I need trash like you or the executioner or prinnie or any of your associates.  My word of advice, you should have left me well enough alone two years ago.  You crazies should never have come to Facebook  to attack me or those I choose as friends.  But they did, and it resulted my being right here, this moment.. And radio.. I’m not going anywhere.  And I don’t really give a ratz ass about what you think.  Go away gnat, you buzzing too loud..

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