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Our Constitution has given us, rights that cover free speech and freedom of the press.  But, where do you draw the line?  If freedom of  speech allows the average citizen to promote anarchy and promote civil unrest, should this be allowed?  You realize that allowing such behavior to rule the Nation can actually cause not only civil unrest but place our entire Country in Jeopardy from others who would come in and attack our citizens.  Next, Freedom of the Press, well if those among the blogging world feel they should be protected under Freedom of the Press, then they must also respect the others who fall under the same category.  Now, I see a fine line between bringing news to the public, and actually using their ability to broadcast to destroy others lives and careers. is one of these culprits, they scream of being protected under the law for Freedom of the Press, yet they promote anarchy against others who should by all rights hold the same protection.  Under their cloak of anonymity which in my opinion is very questionable to say the least. Why would any reputable website or blog go to such great extents to cover their tracks, and people finding them.  Why would they post an article about Proxy, when they themselves, the website and all the data within is on a Proxy server through  Now, their cause and effect for demanding the right of freedom of speech does not give them the right to verbally abuse others,  to commit Character assassination, to randomly pull other peoples names, address’s, phone numbers, social security numbers and post them on their blog.  The only reason this was done was in a blood thrust to located another person with the intent to harass and intimidate.  The intent to gain access to this hunted person’s family with the intent to harass and intimidate.  These are criminal elements. You are watching Crime in Progress.  These are the cases that in up in Federal Court, prosecuted by the Attorney General of the United States.  Yet, those who post these criminal acts on truly believe they cannot be found, identified or prosecuted. You see its the concept of being above the Law.  Now another issue is the act of selling their blog material on, download of Kindle.  They are exploiting the situations they cover and acting in the capacity of the Media.  Now, if Newspapers cannot write articles that destroy innocent lives, how can this blog?  There had always been a proud issue in the Media, of only telling the truth. That you could believe what you read as the truth.  This is no longer the case.  Put yourselves in the position of the innocent people that radionewz and its bloggers have done this last weekend.  What if it was you, your mother, father, sister, brother, to be harassed  by spoof calls made from cell phones using software that is downloadable onto your cell phone,  these elements have voice changers so, you could be a woman and a man’s voice would come across the phone.  Although these companies claim these calls can’t be traced, I contacted two of these companies, and they assured me, that intentional harassing phone calls would and could be traced and they would provide Law Enforcement the name, address and phone number of the person making such calls.  Doesn’t matter what state you live in, if you call people in another state using this software or just making the calls, with the intent to harass and intimidate, threaten. These are criminal acts, and the calls can be traced right back to your cell phone or home phone. Now ask yourselves is this the path to travel?   Now would any responsible person ever encourage others to commit these heinous acts?   “Even the old tact of hey peeps you can trust me, I’ll always tell you the truth” is an absolute lie with the intent to manipulate those being referred to as peeps.   Its your intelligence that radionewz doubts, and counts on your ability to be mislead, and manipulated.. look at the those that comment on their page, I guarantee you, they are only make believe charecters with radio, holly or executioner at the keyboard.

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