The Executioner

02 Dec

Now on this one.. boy did you mess up..  You people went for blood last night, so you found my marriage license,  okay..  So, I was married..  You wanna bother my ex, remember when you do harass him, he is a medically retired Veteran. You wanna take on the FBI?  To get to my Lee ex, your gonna have to call 1-800-Dead.  You idiots still have those innocent people posted on the blog, people that have nothing to do with me.  That shows intent. And thats the element that gives basis for criminal activity. Intent to commit an illegal act.  So, set back and laugh, no skin off my teeth..  But, its the last post of Executioner that really is a hum dingier..  That one is going to stand out in your memory for many years to come.  “Just What was I thinking?”  Or was it “Just what was I drinking?”   I was waiting for you to finally screw up, and you did!!   Yes, this is an OH SHIT moment. Who did you say your source for this information was?


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