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02 Dec

When the loons can’t get the best of you, what do they do. well they try to convince the general public, that your crazy, your a liar, your a druggie and finally the only thing left in the little black bag, as they glance over at their wine glass, Well hell, I’ll just tell them she’s a drunk.   You do realize that she’s not worried about my intelligence, she’s worried about you guys, the readers.
If she tells you enough junk, and lets be honest most people find it easier to believe a blatant lie than to believe the truth.  Point at hand, enough of you know me. You know how I feel about drugs, and you know I’m not a drunk, you also know I have a intensity for telling the truth. In short they are playing on your minds not mine.  Do I believe that Radio and executioner have an issue with the bubbly, oh yea..  No sober person could ever put out so many lies in a 12 hour period and not be slap happy from the bottle. You realize the bottle bubbly gives people courage and takes their fear away, its the wake-up call the next morning, and the oh shit what did I do. And the absolute terror that its up there and they can’t take it down without explaining where it went.

Now lets run down the wee path a bit to the next postings. Been so many, I think they ran out of material. Anyway. They hit on Roger Curry.  Do I know Roger Curry?  Not personally, I’ve heard about him.  I have heard that he spent a great deal of money looking for HaLeigh,  lets be honest about this. How many others in this case have you hear going to that extent?  Does he believe HaLeigh is alive, yes he does.  Any other opinions he has about people involved in this case is his opinion. And he has a right to voice his opinion.  After all he gets to be covered by The First Amendment too.  Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought.  And then there is our Friend Charley Lee.  Never met Charley either, never spoke to either one of them.  But I have heard of both.  In fact, If you executioner have any questions about either man, then I would suggest you contact Nursebeme on Twitter, and have her call Hank Croslin and ask Hank to have one of these guys call you.  You see, I don’t know how to reach either one, and I can’t speak for anyone else.  I have given you my best suggestion.  Now executioner, do you really want to take either one of these men on?  Do you really?  Do you know anything about Charley?
Then we come to the question,  executioner why do you have issues with these two men?  You don’t know them, they have never mentioned anyone by the name of executioner to my knowledge.  So, whats your beef?  because they made comments about KP,  well who are you to her?  Why would you take on burdens for her?  You know it is awfully strange, that I talk to you, and she jumps in,  these men have opinions they voice on her and you jump in.  And its all in my imagination right?  Well, you can try that one again.. but photos speak a thousand words.   Now, here’s a word to the wise. Both of these men have determination in what they set out to do.  Roger kept a Detective in Kentucky on staff for a year, a smart person would stop for just a moment and think about that.  Second, Charley has a bit of funding himself, and he also has intense beliefs.  Do you really want to piss either one of them off.  Maybe Roger might hire a computer tech investigator or an attorney with lots of subpoena’s to find out who you are executioner.  You can be found, that I guarantee..  Cloudflare has rules too.


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