Oh how deep does it flow?

02 Dec

I cannot imagine anyone so full of vile that they resort to posting innocent peoples information on their blog.  They are so desperate to save face they continue throwing out accusations.  Apparently, they don’t realize that everything they post goes straight to an attorney, as it has been now for weeks. Apparently they don’t realize how easy all of this is to connect to others who protect them.  And as murt said its a domino effect.  One goes down, they all go down. My response to Radionewz latest,  Go ahead and report me.. Report me to your local authorities, to my local authorities, report me to the fbi and the irs.. Go right ahead. I’ll look up the phone numbers for you.  Your digging your own pit.  By the way, I don’t repost other peoples ssn numbers, that’s illegal.  I can not believe how desperate you really are.  Must be tearing your stomach to shreds.

So, lets blow your little bubble to shreds.   Meet McGreggor, my little Scottie Boy, who held the registered name as McGreggor.  He also had a Website, that was on the web for 5 long years.


ImageMcGreggor Lee..

And I guess you forgot.. I was Mcgreggors1 until you crazy’s and the fake accounts finallyImage

drove me off twitter.  You know it was hard to use MLee, since you and the trolls had already used it and it sets on Twitter all by itself.  So, go ahead and report me, and lets show the authorities everything you have posted in the last lets see 2 years.. I have it all, and will be happy to show them.  So, keep on posting more evidence.. I promise you, its going somewhere.

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