Radio Threats Again.

30 Nov

I wonder is this called Cyber Threats?  To what extent will I be gotten.  Ohhhhhh, I’ve been put on notice that the executioner is gonna take care of me.   I don’t think the he/she/it radionewz gets it.. I’m not afraid, I’m not going to hide, and it’s chances of being sued are a lot higher than mine.. Remember, I don’t have a pot to pee.. and I write the truth versus radionewz  and executioner’s libel.  So, are you gonna post a letter you got by email again..  With someone blasting MLee, been there done that.. Oh yes, I still have a copy of that letter, want me to post it so you can re-read what it had to say?  So, keep on threatening .. and if you didn’t want my twitter postings all you have to do is block me.. then you’ll never see what I have to say.. choice is yours..  And you never have to come over to this little blog and read.. Ignore me..  don’t post about me… Pretend I don’t exist in this world…  Apparently you can’t, or don’t want to.. you keep hounding and libeling me.  By the way.. I haven’t even started yet.. There is so much more to come.. Better grab another glass of wine..  



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