HaLeigh Cummings

30 Nov

To my knowledge, neither side of HaLeigh Cummings Family have ever given up hope in HaLeigh being found.  Both, have been intent in encouraging others to look for HaLeigh, not to give up Hope, not to stop looking.  Across the blog, came one of the never ending concepts that HaLeigh is not alive and that anyone encouraging others to look for this living child are bad, liars etc.   Today,  ole Radionewz comes across with a sad tale to tell, that he/she/it had received an email, sad and sorrowful, wishing that we bad people should stop talking about HaLeigh..  Lets get down the the brass tacks here..  If Radionewz did receive an email, it was to tell he/she/it, to knock off the crap its been posting about HaLeigh.. Of course you have to realize the he/she/it never accepts responsibility for its actions therefore must cast the blame on others.  Also, it could well be that he/she/it got the message from my earlier postings, and I would have no problem sending that photocopy off to all three agencies. Maybe its time that the he/she/it radionewz did answer a few questions, and it would certainly be a pleasure if they did have to answer a few with LE, that LE releases the identity of and blogger Radionewz..  Now, y’all have a good evening. 🙂

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