30 Nov

So you posted a link to the Orlando Sentinel dated what? April 2010. Idiot, we all know about that time period..  But, you apparently do not nor have you the intelligence to realize.. They would not have re-instated the Amber Alert and have her listed as A Missing Endangered Child.. So, who’s Debunked Fool?  It is as it is.. You want people to believe Haleigh is Dead?  Why, oh is it going to stop the on going investigation?  No..  Has the Haleigh case been deemed a Cold Case?  NO!!  Had it been every tad of file on the case would have been released, and maybe you should have listened to the FBI video just a little closer, dated 7/26/2011..  They currently have no reason to believe she was taken out of state,  was she removed from Putnam, no answer.  Have they been close to an ARREST.. Oh that was a nice smile that Agent Woods splashed.  So, lets go back to my original question..  Why do you want people to believe this child is dead?  You realize if one of the FBI, FDLE or the Putnam Investigators saw your little speech on radionewzblog, they would immediately develop an interest in talking to you executioner..   Your little speech reeks of AGENDA.

The first few questions  you would be ask,

  1. Why are you so sure that HaLeigh isn’t alive?
  2. Do you know this for a fact?
  3. Where did you get your Information?
  4. Why are you going to such an effort to discredit others who do believe this child is alive?
  5. Are you afraid that people will begin to listen to them?
  6. Do you have any evidence to support your theory that this child is no longer alive?

So Executioner.. I would suggest you be very careful, think your putting your foot in your big mouth.   So, who are you calling a Liar?   Just what do you have to hide executioner?  We are all listening.  Shall I send a photo copy of blog statement to PCSO, FDLE and the FBI.  They might be interested in finding out who you are..  And thats a Subpoena that can’t be stopped..   By the way, its too late to take the post down, I have photocopies of it.

And you really need to wake up and realize what you brought to Light..  That was an FBI Agent, not talking as per anything from PCSO, he Agent Woods was speaking of the FBI when he smiled about the arrest question.  So, who has the FBI in the HaLeigh case, been close to arresting? Another thing you apparently don’t know, amazing yea right?  The FBI does not give out any updates on a general basis.  And one update given by PCSO last summer, was telling the public they had taken the HaLeigh case to the FBI at Quantico to the Behavioral Science Division, better known on TV as Criminal Minds. You have no idea, what tid bits those people got from the case. In fact I think they put many things together.  So, have a nice day PUTZ!!



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