Murts Article referencing disappearance of a Prinnie’s Here Image

29 Nov

Well Murt, don’t worry that image may well have disappeared from the other Blogs, but it hasn’t disappeared, or I should say a copy of it hasn’t..  It’s right here to be seen by those who come  looking. Share one and All.. and I promise. This one stays up!! 🙂  By the way the links on Google, go back to radio which means she took the copy from one copy righted wordpress site, this one.. and posted it on hers.. So, in contact with WordPress, sending back all the goodies found..   So, radio.. you and prinnie want to take this up with google.  Since you left my comments on the image, that belongs to me!!  And that was also reported.


Radionewz is going on and on about Murt having posted this image on his blog, and he is sanctioned and having to remove it..  Well, whats gonna happen to Radionewz when I report to Facebook and WordPress, her taking a copy of my photo  from Facebook and posting it on her WordPress Blog..   Now, who is gonna be sanctioned??   And lets discuss a copy of an email radio had from me, with the privacy statement listed on the email that was posted on the Blog?   Sure does seem as if Radionewz has a bit of Hypocrisy going..   Okay for it to violate privacy rights on emails, but not others?  Okay to take a photo from a PRIVATE Facebook, one it was blocked from seeing, and publishing it on its Blog?   So, its okay for Radionewzblog to violate privacy rights and take from others?  And the blogger friends on twitter stand behind this principle?

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