Radios response to my Blog

28 Nov

Who would ever expect anything different out of Radio..  One thing that I have never done and probably never will is Bash another person’s Mother, Father, Siblings or Children.  This of course means People who have these family members.. Of course we know that radionewz was found under a rock.  Now, who planted this being there we have no idea.  Of course he/she/it  lack of human decency has always distributed the fact that he/she/it  has absolutely no social skills.  And sheerly ruthless and unkind.  See it was never taught any form of human decency.  If I had to determine the problems that reek through the brain, if there is a brain there, I would have to say radionewz has a severe lacking of self esteem, you see you have to like yourself before anyone else ever would.  Also, thats why he/she/it bashes others so severely, it makes he/she/it feel important and superior.  Which of course we already know  he/she/it isn’t important in any of our lives, absolutely not superior to anyone else in the world, and the reason he/she/it has such a low esteem. Because he/she/it cannot control he/she/it’s own behavior and deep down inside he/she/it  feels like trash.  To try to twist a statement made, without the consideration, thats the way radionewz is.  And nothing was posted behind my Private Twitter, everything I had to say was posted in the wide open spaces of the internet.  Yet, you notice he/she/it  doesn’t encourage your reading my blog.  Absolutely not,  no way would that come to pass.  The day I open up the twitter, and the links to the Blog are found,  he/she/it can no longer play the game.  Also, the next time Radionewz starts to brag about the giving heart it has.  Don’t pay a drop of attention, what ever he/she/it does for others,  its only for the benefit of he/she/it, trying to redeem itself.   The bragging about the wealth it has.   Old money never brags, New money puts on a show..   Dead beats brag on having only what they want to have.


ImageRadionewz –  The Trash-mouth Trash Can..

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