27 Nov


Let’s see, how do we start.. so many choices..  First of all the 24th, I wrote a commentary about “The Executioner”,  and as it has in the past received another slam dunk from well “you know who”, after all just glide your little mousie up and you can read it for yourselves..  Anytime there is a posting conversation between the executioner and I,  which I must admit is always controversial to say the least, here it comes..  and this time instead of a direct, I get a message.. Now the executioner is passing messages from “you know who”..  Next there will be a slam dunk, with her posting on twitter about my accusing her of being the Executioner.. Confused Yet??   Is this a setup or what??  Have to stay on your toes around here..

This came out just a short time ago, and for those who didn’t grasp the issue..   The executioner and I were exchanging commentaries.. adverse of course, the adversity between the commentaries of the executioner and I are not a secret..  Needless to say, my commentaries reflected towards the bags under the eyes of the executioner, and the bad hair days etc.  Needless to say, the next thing you know, here comes U know who, and she’s going off the wall that I am making fun of her appearance..

I looked around and had to wonder.. Why would you know who, think I was talking about her?? when I was talking to The executioner, and then make the comment, that I thought everyone I was talking to was You know who!!  Confused yet??  Is this a sign of someone being Paranoid and delusional?   Well, you guys make up your own mind..  Oh thats right I needed to send a message back, but I don’t have anyone that I would do that too.. I prefer sending them myself..  So,  Here’s my comment back to “the executioner” to give to U know who!!

“Back at you Hot Stuff, try using a little bit of hot Jalapeno juice to dampen the paper before you shove it!!

The other day, I posted an article about Jeremiah Regan and how I believe he’s not really on Twitter, that he’s off in the world doing his own thing,  Well I do believe that comment is now true,  ran across the young man on Facebook, and he seems to be doing just that..  He’s moved on.  And as of mid October 2012, in a comment on another site.  He’s finally Happy.

So we can conclude the heart broken person on Twitter, is not Jeremiah Regan..

Since my day will be busy, and I won’t get back around to read the insults that will posted on the  I’m sure they will find time to comment on my comments..

Absolutely Amazing..

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