27 Nov

Wanted to check on something this morning before I take off, and sure enough.. this may well be the fact.. and it would also cover, and Prinnie and her site as well.. So take a read, and you make your own conclusions..


“”But there are some, however, that believe a server move alone wouldn’t garner the desired outcome. Jim Dempsey, vice president for public policy with the Washington, D.C., think tank Center for Democracy and Technology, said that moving the servers offshore wouldn’t do any good unless the people running WikiLeaks also relocated offshore.”

“Where the data resides isn’t what determines jurisdiction,” Dempsey said. “You prosecute real people, you don’t prosecute servers. So if the WikiLeaks people want to live on a platform in the North Sea and educate their children there … for people who have lives, that doesn’t make sense.””


In essence, what this means, the incidences and issues begin on your computer, and it doesn’t matter where you store it, the problem starts with your fingers on the Computer in the good old USA.  And I’m sure that Little ole Prinnie is not beyond setting in a jail cell for contempt of court,  until she coughs up names and email address’s..  Can this happen.. What do you think?  Just like real people identified as friends or buddies of Radio aka radionewzblog, aka who know the identity,  could also be ordered by a Judge to reveal the identity of dear ole Radio and all the aka’s., even possible Prinnie..   And if they don’t do what the Judge Says,  well what do you think?   Just Saying!!!   Should we start a list of people who know Radio?  People who have been with Radio when introduced to someone else?


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