Radionewzblog – issues with Privacy.

24 Nov

My suggestion if you have issues with others going Private on their Twitter Account, maybe its because you don’t have anyone slipped in on the Clone side to report back to you.. That would be a problem wouldn’t it..  No one is reporting back what might be said.   And the purpose for people to go Private is to control who comes in as followers, and whom to keep out. It has nothing to do with what is discussed behind those walls of Privacy..  Just keeping the Trolls aka Radionewz and Clones at bay.  I know its breaking its wee heart, and we are very sure the description of wee heart is quite accurate.   One of the most sure fire ways of determining if you have a Troll in Sheep clothing, mild mannered and reporting consistently.  You deliberately post something, anything and wait.  When it pops up on Radio’s you know you have a carp in the barrel.

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Now when I speak of Carp.. my goodness its an ugly fish..  The kind you don’t want in your pond, but you don’t  want on your dinner table either..

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