Off Topic Questions:

24 Nov

1. Why is Radio attempting to out Sue Curry?  She’s been babbling about Curry and accusing her of being None other than, Queen Sleuther.   Now isn’t it odd, Curry Psychic 38, has not been around the Twitter threshold now for quite sometime. So why is she the bad guy right now? Why is she the chosen one to blast and out, photo and all by placing that video on Radionewz, on the blog site.  No, I haven’t seen Curry come blasting in with guns blazing to nail Radio either.. Odd, isn’t it. Do you get the feeling Sue knew it was coming,and just to let it ride?

2. Radio has been posting stat’s on the blog site also, but the stats are only viewable by the person who owns and runs a blog.  So, the question I have, is why and how does radio have the stats from this Prinnies’ blog site?   Image


NOTE:  By the Way, Murt advised me he thought Radionewzblog,  had only copied this information from the other site.  Called Stinky-Pampers ,  good name for what goes on over there.   And of course Radionewzblog came back with a cryptic remark, about why If I had such stuff, that I wasn’t putting it out.  And called me Coward..  Well, I’ve learned not to get my feathers up and ruffled over what Radionewzblog has to say.   All in good time.   My choice of when and how.  And I did advise, that I knew I made it nervous.  🙂

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