Made a new Twitter for SusanCurry.

24 Nov

I guess in her absence and the reflection that If Susan were upset about being trashed about like sheets in the wind, that she would have to appear. Well, Folks you remember the story about MLee, and my saying OH shit thats me.. and Badme watching as she reappeared on the twitter.  I guess we can See Susan Curry doing the same thing.. Hey, out there .. anyone who knows Sue, you might give her a call and tell her she just re-incarnated onto Twitter.  She might want to come on and thank Radio for helping her out.   Oh, by the way tell her not to worry about the executioner, its not much more that rash words and idiosyncrasy..  Talks pretty big but still hiding behind a hidden name with out a face..  aka clone..   Hey, executioner..  when you call people a coward, did you ever think how hypocritical that really is, since you don’t and won’t disclose your own identity?  So, Hows that Coward thingy working out for ya?



By the way Executioner.. This is my backup..

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