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21 Nov

Have you begun to notice all of the twitters have something in common.  Its the same people time and time again, and virtually the same basic commentaries.. All gauged with hate and vile, vulgar and abusive.  They all have the same characteristics of being the same person, a person with a vendetta.  What is the purpose of all of these twitter accounts?  What did they accomplish? In reality nothing. Did they stop anyone from saying or doing anything?  No. Yet this type of behavior has been going on for over a 3 year period.  Is there a common denominator?  Yes there is.  Yes, everyone who has been attacked, verbally abused, threatened all has a common denominator.  Some people refer to this as Bullying, but technically its called Harassment.  And no we are not done yet..  So, maybe we should go back to the beginning.

Here is a Twitter Account that was made up for “Pirate”.  All know of Pirate, she was around from the beginning and she was also within The Team, but her action was to direct information and also redirect information on the blogs and Forums.  But, Pirate decided when the division of Client and Attorney arose, to go with the client she was so adamant to protect for so many months.  For her choices she continues to pay a price.  Now on this Twitter Account, which is not the Real Pirate, it was created and used to demean and harass her.  One of the elements was the short bus.  We all know that children of special needs ride short bus’s to school.  And Pirate has a child with special needs within her family. And this was also not a kept secret when she was actively participating with the team.  So, the short bus is a slam at her, needless to say anyone who has a child of special needs would be hurt with these reflections, and Pirate has. Does the word Cruel fit this situation. Oh yes… But there is more to come on Pirate.  Oh by the way, Pirate is no longer anywhere online to participate on Twitter, Facebook, or any of the forums.


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