The Badme Issue

21 Nov

So just who is bad me, and the who is really in the photo projected as Badme.  Well, as far as the photo is concerned I have it from the real person who goes by the username Badme that this is not her.  Actually, the comment she made was “Thats suppose to be me?”  So, again the question is how much do you really take to heart from radionewz and believe or how much is total bs. 

Now, Badme was a poster on the forums at the time The Team entered Putnam County,  and she joined the cause along side of Pirate, and any number of other posters.  The initiative was to re-created the Bio Mom’s image, and redirect any adverse information. Also to project concepts and to just shut other posters up, that might lead people in a direction that would be adverse. Now you must understand back in 2009 Pirate and Badme did exactly what they were told to do, and they raised hell over the posting forums and blogs.  Shock and Awe at its best..  Badme was another one who broke away from the compiled and controlled group. This occurred back in the fall of 2010. The reason’s badme chose to depart and no longer be the abrasive poster used against others was and still is Badme’s thoughts and intent.  We are not going to go into those issues.  I’m sure there will come a time when Badme herself will openly tell the world on her own blog. 

Needless to say, Badme has been brought back so many times on twitter. You reached a point where you become somewhat dizzy..  There was Badme28, Badme32, Badme68, and of course there is Badme102.  I’m been assured the only real Badme, was Badme and Badme102, the rest were an attempt to manipulate people, and of course there have been untold other twitter accounts that have been accused as Badme.  Oddly enough, Badme was setting at home on the phone visiting with another Twitter poster, and reading Twitter.. And suddenly another Badme popped up on the screen. Totally to her amazement, she’s setting there with the same expression I had when Mlee was discovered,  “Hey, thats me.. but it’s not me.”

One has to ask themselves, who is so desperate for attention on Twitter, and reviles in hate and discontent and that this is the path they have chosen  to continue creating havoc.  Or is it to create a form of sympathy for themselves..  Oh I’m being attacked!!  

So who is Badme, a person just like you and I who really wants to live in peace and quiet and be left alone.  Although, there isn’t much more they can say or do directed at her,  then has already been done.  In all honesty, there is a list of 7 people, that has been exposed to the open air waves, and listed in a deposition motion.  In reality, Badme probably should have been number 8 on the list.  I do believe the reason she wasn’t..  When she really decides to open up, it just won’t be pretty.  This of course I often wondered, if Badme or Pirate have so much knowledge and they need to be kept quiet, why would anyone want to continue to prod at them?  Needless to say prodding only last for a short time, before rebellion steps in.  If the prodding is to continue as a reminder to remain as expected.  Hey, its not working.

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