Just a Grain of Salt

21 Nov

After reading anything posted on,  you finally reach the point where you have to take it with a grain of salt and realize its total BS. And that to believe anything they are going on about, you would have to enter into their imaginary world.  Not sure to describe them as a psychiatrist worst night mare or fortune maker.  As far as Bonnie Lee Baggs, yes she does exist, but you also must realize that she is older than the photos they have displayed for Shock and Awe purposes, and she has been in the Putnam County Jail since the first of November. So if your being lead to believe this home-wrecker is out and about on bond.  No, you see she had priors and when Putnam grabbed her this time they threw her in with a NO BOND.. So there you have it.. Now believe what you want about the YancyFaith Story, I don’t really care.  Image

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