Radionewz is up to the same ole stuff again.

20 Nov

Taking a break from the posting of the twitters and stories.. Lets address the photo that Radionewz has posted, using that as an example of the person involved in the breakup cheating mess of YancyFaith and her hubby from Twitter.  Now at my age the concept that I would be playing a cougar with a much younger male, and having an affair with him and potentially breaking up the marriage or being shot..  I don’t really find that as a compliment, I don’t get into younger men.  And since the description of this huzzy they are referring to, I’m also not a crack head, nor have I ever been in Jail.. I’ve closed the doors on many others and watched them settle down in their steel cots with grey blankets and cry like babies.. You see people who end up in jail for what ever reason, always seem to have regrets the minute those steel bars slam shut,  except the one burglar who melted the plastic windows and escaped the jail, at least it was a temporary escape..  And most of them find God very fast. 

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