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20 Nov

Lets begin this, with what I title the Innocent.

Maybe its hard to understand why I titled this photo of a twitter as such, maybe because  somewhere in the mist of all the twitter creators , he is innocent and not a participant.



As you can tell from his friend list he follows, he was very selective.

Okay, lets go with Iphon

Lets go next to  IPHONEQN,  she was on the twitter list along with REDDIOS and several others. Oh but you guys don’t know about the Twitter List now do you.  And I know how it came about, and where it was going. I know how it was stopped and by whom.  Oh my goodness,  lets just continue on for now.  You know how I am about setting on good stuff. Even set on an email address for 2 years. That was a shocker wasn’t it?

Okay who’s next from the bag of goodies?   Oh yes, Iphoneqn,  Hi sue..


But, this is just the mild stuff.. So many to go through, have to find the real dirty ones for later.

Here’s  SharonJean;


And HolmsethLost, wonder where they got that from?


Amazing how the information flows with people you don’t even know..  But this one began a new segment in the Twitter business.


Now you might not catch an important element on this posting, but those of us who know The Cobra from the past to the present knows who Matt is, so conclusion it has to be someone who knows the Cobra Well,  and the comments about his lady.. Well I know the story on that too, but would never publish it.  And I know who knows the story and how they know the story.  Shame Shame.

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