Coninuing on the Twitter assaults

20 Nov

Oh yes, lets see TRINITY.. we have discussed this one before. To my surprise, a number of people have told me, that TRINITY was not one person, but Multiple persons.  So when did the original Trinity leave Florida and move to Washington DC, and going back to school.. That answer is just not clear, but eventually we may find out.  Maybe about the same time Radio was suppose to just up and go away.  Never know..  And this is one of her nice postings of course.

So Here’s TRINITY.


Next we find:   STOP TIMMY  oddly enough it displays one Cobra Staubs image, go figure.


Next Presenting:   TINFOIL TIMMYImage

Sorry Murt you seemed to have been thrown in there for the author of Tin Foil Timmy’s entertainment.

Of course lets not forget  Anti TH. They just kept coming..  What was that about “Less is More”.


I knew I would find the other one Selina 100.. obsessions with Selina Kyle? or wasn’t there someone in the group who’s middle name was a Selina or something very close to that?


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