Busy Lady

20 Nov

I want to center this story around Busy Lady,  a Poster from the past involved in the HaLeigh Cummings disappearance.  Busy Lady was not only involved in the group with Scared Monkeys but also with the crowd of Websleuth’s.   Now, there are emails written that I will post, that involve the postings of Busy Lady at WS, and how she received a knockdown for posting her opinion.  One of Which I find is an amazing question, without ever receiving an answer.  Busy Lady put a little bit of info together and with every drop of innocence she came to a conclusion in her own mind which began a process of rocking the boat.  I stand and salute Busy Lady even though its now been three years.  Now, all of us know that we have a Constitutional Right to voice our Opinions, isn’t it odd how others try to take that right away from you.   Pay very close attention to her Question, and begin to ask yourself.. why was she attacked?  What is it about her question that roused such a Flame in people?  So dwell on what she says for awhile and then I will post the emails and notifications that followed.  Anyone know if Busy Lady is still around, if she is.. send her a nice message and pat her on the back, she’s a smart lady..


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