Back to the Twitter Crazies.

20 Nov

While your running that little post on BusyLady around in your mind, lets return to the Twitters, the emails are easy to find online and the war that was created surrounding them.  We will cover all of them, in a sense as your going through the Twitters you will find reference to people that appear in those emails, and where the emails went and the coverage they received.  And in essence why some of those who covered this story,  such as Simon Barrett and TJ Hart would end up leaving the HaLeigh case. TJ with his own reasons and Simon Barrett which I still consider a Jewel in the mix,  and we all are aware of what caused him and Jan to leave the case.  We all remember a time when the most up to date stories about the HaLeigh case were found on Simon’s Articles, and I really enjoyed listening to Simon on the Radio. He had the one show that really brought facts to light. The shows that followed are just not that interesting in my book.  Needless to say lets go back to the Twitters for now.   So, who’s next to bring back from the Deleted Pile of Crazies.  Lets start with The Levi, threatening Cathy on Facebook no less.Image

And this, well it seems this is Marie Griffis Facebook site and one Judy  aka Gunny’s Momma had offered to make a donation to the Haleighbug Foundation, and the results of “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”, was in force on that particular day.  Judy also aka Blstark,  we still Send Thank You’s for your kindness and considerations. Although, the vigilantes aren’t.  Oh the milk of human kindness, so well received.  Actually, since I am a very direct person,  my response to the vigilantes,  Shame on you!!  Shame on You!!


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