Lets Review Twitter Peoples From the Past

19 Nov

So, Lets begin with Truth_Talker100 ImageImage

Now, there is not a great deal to say about this poster. It seems to have a cultist attitude.  And making claims that it can’t back up.  In fact, this is one of the postings I sent to Major Gary Bowling when talked to him about this issue.  You see I anticipated that if I had done anything wrong, well this man would know  instead of this strange creature that appeared on Twitter to attack.

Now who is this Twitter Poster, with venom dripping from its fangs?  And why were they so determined to stop anyone from believing that Little HaLeigh Cummings was still alive. After all PCSO had just put a new team of Investigators on the case, and were looking for a Missing and Endangered child. Her Amber Alert was reactivated.  An FBI Agent once made the following comment: “The reason people insist that the child is dead, is to stop anyone from looking for her!”  That in its self rings clear as a bell.

Now, for those on twitter today who have to deal with the bumbling juvenile cyber adult bloggers, I’m so sorry you missed out on Truth_Talker100.  I would share more of the post with you, but there are so many more to cover.  And remember “Less is More.”

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