Lets discuss a levi.

19 Nov

Well, here we have a 22 year old white male, who has attended college or claims to, but we aren’t sure he finished and we are just not sure what he choose to seek his Major in.  Vulgarity well thats the predominate,  his social behavior and interactions shows that he is not well bred. Rather a small town country boy spoiled by his parents and for what ever amount of education he has obtained he certainly did not acquire any concept of being well rounded. And he wants to be a radio and tv celebrity.  And he still lives with Mommy and Daddy.  The apartment complex looks really nice, with the rolling hills down below the apartments.  I’m sure it was difficult leaving your home town where you felt like a celebrity at McDonald’s, but we all understand having to move on. Maybe it had to do with Jobs.

We also know where he managed to get where he’s at. But we are also aware that his longevity is short termed.   Most of his knowledge that he obtains about any particular criminal case he reports on, he obtains this knowledge from fellow bloggers, not from his own research, in fact I’m truly not sure the boy has the ability to research, and we all know for certain the boy is not an investigative reporter. He really needs to look that title up, and he also really needs to understand he just doesn’t have the knowledge or the capacity. 

Now, on one twitter posting I noticed a comment, and of course with these unusual people the mess ups they post give you a basic idea of where they are going.  The comment was over a complaint that got Levi thrown off of Blogger News Radio.  Now, this information would not be widely known by very many people. First of all this would not be information that Levi would want to share with the other children on the playground.  So, it would have to be someone close enough to Levi to know this info, and of course with the ruthless, hey I’m here and going to tell all about certain people, now watch me attitude, they released this little tid bit.  I can imagine only a handful of handpicked people would have this info. In fact, probably only 4 or 5 at the most. So, this tell all poster slams it out onto twitter, with the watch me attitude. Hey, we’ve seen this all before.  This is a strategy used to draw other posters on twitter to converse and share info.  Its called a SETUP!!  And we know all about Setup’s don’t we.  Now, Levi of course wasn’t bothered by this slam at all, therefore we must conclude that Levi knew it was coming.  Had he not, oh my goodness he would have been all over that poster like swarms of bees, or in levi’s case wasp.  So, the juvenile is going to open his own new blog, I’m so impressed. Maybe he might re-frame from his original statute of vulgarizing and threatening all around him.  He must realize that those who do become quite professional and obtain the fame he so desperately seeks, actually do attend College Courses in Communication, and obtain voice coaches to temper the voice and teach voice control.  Eventually, HLN and CNN will wake up to what they have allowed on their show. And lets be very honest about this,  Levi they probably laugh their asses off when you leave the show. And the laughing is not with you, it is in reality at you.  If you truly understood what life was really all about, you would know this. 

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