19 Nov

A Promise Should Always be Kept. And the Truth Should Always be Revealed.

During the next few months we shall cover issues thrown around Twitter from certain circles.  And we shall also analysis the who is who’s.  Questions will be ask,  and we have no doubt that there will be no answers coming forth from the Twitter Circle of Crazies.  In fact maybe the questions will themselves begin to reveal the answers.  By the way,  one of the primary issues is revealing one’s self.  As well all know, since the crazy’s have revealed my name so many times its almost comical, since I began using my real name in March of 2009, and haven’t hidden who I was from that time point.  So, who is the laugh on pointed at now?

Question 1: Who is so familiar with me, and always refer to me as Mary?  This is a personal connections at least on one side. Unless, the majority of communication that I have had in the past couple of years with certain people were actually not whom they were suppose to be.  You see, most people from the internet refer to me as a username, and are not on a close enough relationship to refer to me with my Given name.

Question 2: Who has a personal vendetta against me? Lets describe what a vendetta is:

“an often prolonged series of retaliatory, vengeful, or hostile acts or exchange of such acts”

Continuing, in general when a group of people conspire to attack or dehumanize another person, it would be found in an age group of 12 to 15. Yes, young teens that have a tendency to retaliate against one person because, their bff who seems to be in control of this little group, is not happy with this person and wishes to have this person bullied.  Now in adults the term Bullying is not used. Its referred to as Cyber stalking, harassment etc. But in this case we have Juvenile adults who continue on in a fashion of bullying and they have a consistent pattern of doing so.

Question 3: Why is the wording not used by these Cyber harassers  “As the vulgarity flows?” They seem to unleash the worst side of themselves, apparently under the illusion that they themselves will never have to face the public and answer for their lack of decent behavior. Oh but that in itself is an illusion, for everyone ends up facing themselves in a mirror. Anyone – Anywhere can be found!!  Anyone – Anywhere can be exposed for their lack of decent behavior.  Too many mistakes have been made to this point.  It truly seems someone out there doesn’t understand the concept of “Less is More“, therefore they must go overboard in any and every attempt they make to either make themselves appear important, or to dehumanize another person.  In their attempts they fumble, always fumble and leave “footprints” that are without doubt tractable.  A promise made is one that is always kept, and a promise to create this blog was made several months ago, and as you will discover. “Promises Are Kept“!!

A Promise Shoul…

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